Project Title: Thoroughly New Gloria

Student: Ruishi Tao
Mentor: Jon Mulhern, Ivan Salcedo
Domains: Media
Faculty Grader: Peter Roberts 

Documentation of Product

Exhibition & Presentation Summary


My project is in the field of Visual Art and Media Creation. I got inspiration from a quote learned in the English class. The U.S. is like a salad bowl. In the bowl, there are all kinds of mixed vegetables and fruits. Together they taste good and healthy. But none of them loses its originality as a contributing ingredient. I was insipid to rethink my own uniqueness and decide to make a stop-motion Lego-figure animation for my senior project as an analytical and creative reflection of my rites of passage. The process of building the blocks is like when we establish our physical and mental development. The video pushed me to rethink how I conducted myself after being exposed to new places, people, and cultures.

In my movie, a Chinese girl wearing a red play-doh costume started her exploratory journey in New York. The contrast between her style and the western-styled Legos made her feel different, timid, and isolated. Once alone, she tore away her red costume to look the same as those around her. However, she found out that her heart was also made of red play-doh. After giving away of all she had, she was still a red play-doh Lego figure. Embracing who she truly was, she learned to love herself again and re-establish her confidence for her individuality.

I hoped my animation could inspire those experiencing the same feelings of losing themselves in the ocean of a new environment. I chose Legos as the medium to reflect the process of building and rebuilding. Nothing is permanent; our journey through life should be viewed frame-by-frame so that we are not afraid to change from one moment to the next.


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