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Project Title BEAUCOUP!

Faculty Grader: KIERAN RYAN

Documentation of Product

For my senior project, I am building a pop-up store that displays a series of abstract shaped sculptures/products. These sculptures/products are not functional but are the guideline for a critical concept of mass production and the shift from the 2nd and 3rd industrial revolution to the 4th. I fear that humans are going to lose certain characteristics of their humanity as a result of technology, and that what we thought would bring wholesome lives actually will bring a continued loss of individuality and uniqueness. I decided not to utilize technology (beyond the use of Photoshop) since my main goal here is to enforce the idea of keeping a sense of humanity. Instead, through the use of hand-made products, I am visualizing the significance of creativity and critical thinking. In terms of process, I am taking mass produced objects, altering their shapes, and transforming them into ambiguous but unique forms by using various materials such as clay, acrylics, and plaster. Then, I am producing multiples of these unique objects (with slight variations), turning the unique back into the (inevitable) mass produced.

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