Project Title: Mind Therapy: Empathy Through Rock Music

Student: Yun Joon (Tommy) Choi
Mentor: Adam Judd
Domains: Music, Technology, Psychology
Faculty Grader: Paul Ganksy

Documentation of Product

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Exhibition & Presentation Summary

For my Senior Project, I have composed 5 tracks of emotional rock music and produced an E.P. (Extended Play Record) Album in CD and Digital Record on online music streaming sites (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Play) with my record label Choisters Records and band Choisters. The theme of my music is “Empathy” and my objective was to indirectly convey it through the lyrics and cure listeners who are suffering from inconvenient mentalities: anger, depression, and anxiety. The tracks are constituted of band instruments such as vocals, guitars, bass, software drums, and synthesizer and are produced into Intro, Outro, and 3 songs with lyrics in different perspectives: myself, others, and us. I have used an acoustic guitar for general compositions and directly recorded electric instruments and vocals through audio interface on Apple Music Production Software “Logic X Pro.” With this music, I have conducted a show with my band Choisters at the Stephen Talkhouse and donated its admission fee to the charity organization “Music for Relief” to help mental disabled and catastrophes. The sales from CD and Digital Records will also be donated. With this project, I want to empathize with issued psychological troubles and help listeners with the power of music.

Works Consulted