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Project Title

The Margin

Student: Pan Yi (Bevis)0
Mentor: Alexis Martino
Domains: Media and photography
Faculty Grader: Paul Gansky 

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 The project of Chinese working class focused on revealing and displaying the bias between working class and other classes. I shoot these photos main in desaturated color or black and white, which may enhance such a fading feeling to the audience. This series documentary pictures are shot in the part of old area in Huan Yan, China. This area is surrounded by all the modern building and going to be removed in few years. Workers choose to live here because of the low cost on housing and convenient access to their working place. This is also a pre-shooting for my final video, which is about a single worker in this area. I want to know more about their daily life and living condition. Moreover, I am looking for a proper character, who can cooperate with my shooting. These photos may help me to develop my idea and find the problem in this particular topic-Chinese Woking Class.