Ross School - Senior Project 2006-07

Student: Thierry Balihuta

Mentor: Dr. Kimble Humiston

Consultant: Atidepe Scott

Domain: Technology


Title: Moi contre Moi


My Senior Project was a Personal Computer I designed and built with the help of my mentor and consultant. It a PC desktop with some of the most advanced components, including music and movie editing. IÕve learned a lot throughout this project, especially how to be organized, express my ideas and show the evolution of computer (how a computer came from being a commercial, industrial, to a personal device). I first expressed my ideas in sketches and then put all these together to make my final product design. I also wrote my autobiography which is related to the design of the PC.


Moi contre Moi



I built a computer and wrote an autobiography for my senior project. The project is untitled Moi contre Moi which is French for me against me. The project is about my love of computer and my life that I consider a journey.

I designed the computer and built it to make a connection with the autobiography. The computer is made with two side frames made in wood with paintings that illustrate the story in the autobiography. For this project I was inspired by the conflicts in Africa and computers, my passion. Two read books studied in 11th grade; The Things They Carry and The Kite Runner also inspired me.

During this project, my major challenges were time management, material because I didnÕt have enough material so I had to use some old material that I was suppose to throw away. Luckily I did because I had to start my project over after it broke two days before it was due. I have learned to manage my time, to organize my time to get my work done, I learned to not throw everything away because we might need it some other time, organize a large amount of information because during this project I did a lot of research on computers and short stories writing, I had a large amount of information to organize and use for the project. It took me a long time but I chose the essential information to use, I learned how to speak in public since I have practiced my presentation over and over for several day,s which made me confident about my presentation, and I have improving my writing skills.

This project is the first project in which I had to write a paper that long. This autobiography is the longest paper I ever wrote, and the fact that I went over and over it making corrections improving my writing skills.

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Community Member (Details)

My outside consultant is Atidepe Scott. He was born in Togo in West Africa. He is a computer engineer in Houston, Texas. He is in charge of the after school program Youth and refugees in Southwest Houston monitored by the Alliance for Multi-Cultural Services and the YMCA for greater Houston. He worked as volunteer in many programs for refugee monitored by those agencies.