Ross School - Senior Project 2006-07

Student: Megan Enck

Mentor: Hailey London

Consultant: Eve Elliot

Domain: Wellness



Fashion Through Our Eyes: The Effects Fashion and Popular Culture Have On Teenagers


For my Senior Project I choose to research Eating Disorders, and the effects that they have on teenagers around the world. I mainly focused of the fashion world, and the stronger effects they are now having, especially on teenage girls. I wrote an informative article, created a brochure, and wrote a letter to the top modeling agencies in New York City asking them to engage in public awareness campaigns. I hope my information will inspire others to eat healthy, and not feel like they have to live up to thin body image the fashion world has created for us.  


Fashion Industry Letter

Senior Project Brochure (front / back)

Senior Project Paper


Choosing my product was the hardest part of my senior project process. In May of 2006 when we were told that we had to fill out project proposal forms I had no idea what I wanted to do. My first idea was to design and print a magazine that would feature young and upcoming artists on the East End. I met with Mrs. Giardi over the summer a few times to discuss my project, but eventually decided against it. When school started I knew that I had to choose something fast, so I thought of topics that effect kids my age. After seeing countless magazines that feature realistically thin models, and celebrities I knew what my project was going to be.

My main goal was to spread awareness on the subject of eating disorders, and to help others realize the severity of this problem. After learning the severity of these disorders myself, I wanted to make sure the truth was revealed. My other main goal was to reveal the truths behind the fashion industry. I wanted to make sure that readers know not to believe everything they see, because the images are not always what they seem. I achieved these goals by doing a lot of research, interviewing top professionals, and also reading a few books. Also the phone call I received from Diane Von Fersenberg’s PR representative enforced my finding about the fashion industry. All of my information gained truly helped me in creating my product to the best of my ability, which was my main goal. I am truly happy with my article and brochure, and believe that they will provide helpful information to those struggling with eating disorders, and their families.

My final Product consisted of an informative article, which included information from three respected adults: Dr. Ira Sacker, Ms. Eve Eliot, and Ms. Christie Brinkley. The article itself focused on the fashion world and the effects it has on teenagers. The second component of my project was a brochure, which was designed to help identify the causes, signs, and symptoms of eating disorders. My brochure is going to be provided at local schools and recreation centers in conjunction with the release of my article in the spring newspaper. Last but not least I wrote a letter to the top modeling agencies in NYC asking the to engage in a public awareness campaigns.

It just so happened as soon as I was realizing the severity of this problem, so were people in the fashion industries all over the world. With the unfortunate deaths of three models, and also five Brazilian women, there is now an effort being made to prevent any further deaths, and also to spread awareness. In conclusion I was very happy with the way my product turned out. I feel that after reading my article and brochure people will realize the severity of this problem, as did I during my research.

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Community Member (Details)

My community member was Ms. Eve Eliot. Ms. Eliot is the author of two books Insatiable and Ravenous. She is also a psychiatrist, who has a counseling office in Riverhead, NY. Luckily my mentor Hailey London was acquainted with Ms. Eliot, and suggested I ask her to be my community member. My first contact with her was through e-mail.  I wrote her a letter describing my project, and she was willing to help. Our second contact was also by e-mail, I sent her about 13 interview questions and she answerer them all to be best of her ability. Our third contact was also by e-mail but this time I sent her a copy of my article and asked for her input. She responded promptly with a few suggestions that I was more then willing to change. Through out my project she was nothing but helpful to me, and I am extremely grateful that I had to opportunity to work with her.