Ross School - Senior Project 2006-07

Student: Andrea Cymone Jackson                     

Mentor: Jody Heneveld

Consultant: Phillip Walker

Domain: Performing Arts


Title: Love is Passionate   


My Senior Project was to show how rhythm and blues genre was created and how it became what it is today First, I researched how rhythm and blues were created, then I wrote and produced my own songs, and lastly I interpreted one R&B song, “Angel of Mine” by Monica. My goal was to learn how to write songs and create an instrumental background. I have learned that the task is not easy, and it takes hard work to not only create a CD, but a track itself. If you are dedicated and you love what you do, you will be successful.


Senior Project Track 1, Senior Project Track 2, Senior Project Track 3


For my Senior Project, I chose to create a CD; entitled Love is Passionate, which consists of 4 original tracks. I chose to use R&B, because at this stage of my life I am most acquainted with this type of genre. R & B is represented as Rhythm and Blues. It is Blues with rhythm; it speaks of a sad circumstance that has a sort of upbeat tempo.

The choice of singing is because music touches the souls of people and also by way of music souls can find joy.  I have always had a passion for the genres of gospel, jazz, and R&B. They seemed to have a unique style that tells a personal story. The uniqueness of the tempo, the beat of the music, and the story line somehow intertwines. I also chose to sing because I have a family background of singers. I learned mostly from going to church and singing in the choirs, so I knew I had to use my passion for my senior project. I didn’t want to have a Senior Project that I didn’t care about or I wouldn’t have spent the time and hard work that I did. I learned that if I do something that is a passion of mine I will fulfill it too the best of my abilities.

My Goals for the project were to not only finish a CD and say that I have completed my senior project, but to better my voice, and to learn how to produce my own song, therefore becoming more familiar with the studio. Since I love to sing so much, I wanted to be able to show everyone what I could do on my own with a passion I love so dearly.

My cousin Mr. Phillip Walker worked with me as my community member and also as a studio producer. We met every week, from November through January, to finish up the CD in 8 sessions. My mother and father took the time to drive to Amityville every Sunday so I could sing. I had eight sessions total to record 4 songs. Each song took about 3 hrs each, the reason why I was in the studio eight times was to perfect the song. I wanted the CD to be done at the best of my abilities so I made sure that happened.

On January 19, 2007 I had to perform one of the songs on my CD, “Angel of Mine.” This was a great performance even though I felt that I should’ve sung more for the performance.

On January 23, 2007 I had to present my process of the entire senior project. This was the easiest part of the project. Telling my experiences and what I learned helped me actually understand what I can do. Through out this project I learned I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

The next step I will be taking with my CD is meeting with James Todd Smith also known as LL Cool J, an amazing hip-hop artist, also I will be completing Love is Passionate during the summer of 2007.  Hopefully I can have all the songs copy written by the end of the summer and then my CD will be promoted and then sold.

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Community Member (Details)

Phillip Walker is a Producer at Paw Studios located in Amityville, New York.