Ross School - Senior Project 2006-07

Student: Keri Marino         

Mentor: Jennifer Cross
Consultant: David Gieser
Domain: Visual Arts


Title: The Sea and The Sky

I created a body of work focused on my personal conflicts and their resolution. This resulted in a series of large-scale paintings exploring the emotions and events that have lead me to become the person I am today.  Experimenting with a mixture of materials including wood varnish, house paint, pigments, cardboard, pumice gel, spray-paint, plexi-glass, and gold leaf. I created paintings that are filled with the promise of new possibilities.


Distance Will Always Be Distance- wood varnish, oil enamel house paint, copperleaf, and permanent marker on plywood with 4’ diameter
Untitled(9/11)- cardboard, oil paint, gold leaf, wood varnish, oil enamel house paint, pumice gel.
Reflection (stencil)- spray-paint on 4’x4’ plexi-glass, hung with metal wire.
2 black boards- oil enamel house paint on 1’x8’boards.

All required experimentation.  I had never worked with any of the above materials and I had to aquire different skills and experiment with the materials to get the look that I wanted. The gold leaf was the hardest thing for me because I had never used it before. It was important for me to learn how to use the adhesive needed to apply the gold/ copperleaf, which was difficult.


After looking back on past M-terms for an idea of what I might like to do, I chose to do an art project. I wanted my senior project to be something that people remembered me for. I decided that the best way for people to remember me was to reflect my own personal journey into a series of artworks.

I really wanted to do a good job on this project and one of the main goals of my project was to show people what I was capable of artistically. To do this I had to spend a lot of time working on and re-working my pieces. I found myself getting frustrated with pieces when I spent too much time on them, but I overcame this by coming up with new ideas and moving on to a new project. Afterward I would go back and work on the piece I was frustrated with using a whole different outlook and new ideas.

I faced a lot of obstacles throughout my project that I felt did not slow me down, but instead made my project more meaningful and interesting. One obstacle that I faced was working with materials that I had never worked with before. I overcame this by meeting with my community member who used the materials in his artwork and finding out what was ok to mix together and how to get certain looks. I then went back to school and began experimenting with the materials on a scrap piece of wood that I used as a pallet. I also had to learn how to stay focused around lots of people and noise while working at my desk. I learned to tune people out and really get into my work and I ended up finding that I worked better with the noise and found myself moving one of my pieces downstairs in the hallway to work comfortably. Because my project was a very personal project and I found that the biggest obstacle of my project was putting my own personal story out there and having to tell my parents about it. I put off telling my parents about my project up until the last minute and when they found out they were happy for me. They felt that it was something that I needed and it was.

I felt that this project really helped me to find out more about myself. It also helped me see what I was capable of. After my presentation I was told that my project helped some other people in the school that are facing some of the same difficulties as myself. I think that was the best part of my project. I felt really proud of my project and myself after meeting with a girl in the middle school who felt that my project directly connected with her. I think that is what my project was mostly about; everyone being able to reconnect themselves with their own personal journey and possibly helping them see that there is a way through the obstacles that seem impossible to get over.

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Community Member (Details)

Phone Conversation with David Geiser. He agreed to be my community member and seemed pretty excited about it.

Meeting with David Geiser at his studio. I went to his studio, which is at his house in springs. I got a little lost at first but when I got there he was very nice and he talked about the materials that he uses in his artwork. I told him a little bit about my idea for my project and we talked about how it is important to not worry about what people think about my artwork but to do it for myself first.

 December 2, 2006- Phone conversation with David Geiser. He was excited to see what I had done in the past couple months and we scheduled an appointment to meet after break.

January 9, 2007- David Geiser came by the school to see the work I had done in the past months. He gave me some feedback and told me that he thought I did a good job and thought that I should hang my pallet in the show as well because he liked the way it ended up looking. I gave him a postcard and invited him to the show. His favorite pieces that I did were the two long boards. I showed him the space I had to hang my pieces in the gallery and he suggested a few orders he felt would work well in the space I had.