Ross School - Senior Project 2007-08

Student: Leana Best

Mentor: Jody Heneveld


Title: A Deeper Understanding of Adoption

Description: My Senior Project is a book on adoption. I chose to do this subject because I, like many children in the world am adopted. I am also writing a book because it is a tribute to the person and the organization that I was adopted through. Nancy Cameron founded Limiar (Thresholds) in 1981. She helped hundreds of children find homes and families to care for them. Nancy died in May of 2006, but her legacy lives on through the families that she impacted. A Deeper Understanding of Adoption is my way of honoring Nancy.  




I started out wanting to do a paper and power point on adoption.  Later, I decided to write a book on adoption.  I was adopted through an organization called LIMIAR.  I chose to dedicate my book to LIMIAR and itÕs founder, Nancy Cameron, because Nancy was the one who gave me my life.  Nancy died in the summer of 2006, and I felt it was my duty to share her legacy with others.  I started out by e-mailing her husband Stu, for more information on LIMIAR.  Stu was my outside consultant.  He e-mailed me several packets and I went through them to find out more, and see what I could use.  Through out all this I got a bomb dropped on me.  My dad announced that we were moving and I started panicking.  Another challenge was sending my book to Stu.  His computer couldnÕt open it as an attachment, so I had to send it to him by snail mail.  A third challenge was communicating to all my mentors what was going on with the project.  Shutterfly was the program I used to create my book.  Learning that was a challenge too, but it was fun learning backgrounds.  I then had to get the grueling matter of actually presenting my final product.  When the day came, I just grinned and bared it.  I found it fun telling everyone about LIMIAR even though I didnÕt really want to tell them my whole story as well.  Every one said it was great though.  Now if I can only not get senioridous for the rest of year!

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Community Member (Details)

Stu Cameron was my outside consultant.  I chose him because he is NancyÕs husband so he would know the most about LIMIAR and what it does.  I e-mailed him several times over the past five month for info and advice, and when he saw the final product, he had no additions except that he thought it was good.