Ross School - Senior Project 2007-08


Student: Jeremy Dennis

Mentor: Urban Reininger






Title: Mankind's Last Hope


IÕve created a flash with animations and games within it. It is 400x300 pixels and is made in action script 2.0. The story is based on the Earth being destroyed by a meteor and scientists on the moon going back in time and save it from destruction in the past. The type of games in this flash are: top down strollers, a defense game, and a platform game.




I made a defense game with a story about Earth being destroyed by a meteor in the future.  A scientist on the moon must go back to earth to use a time machine and go back in time before the meteor hit to defend Earth from its fate.  By creating this game I have demonstrated a mastery of flash coding and demonstrated that I can make a quality game that entertains as well as educates.  The game is now hosted on a website at:





In Adobe Flash CS3 I created animations and used Action Script 2 to make an interactive flash-based game.  I worked on my senior project over four months.  I started in September with planning, making basic frames for my game, and making storyboards with different scenarios.  I continued with my process by making animations and miniature games to test before I put them all together so that I didnÕt have to go through the whole game to test one frame.   I used about 1000 lines of coding to make my game.  For the main character alone, I had 488 lines but I used other coding for the frames and other objects.   I made animations from scratch and had no prior experience in animation.  I was glad to use both my computer and artistic skills while making this game and I hope to improve more when I make more games in the future.  


I wanted to make a quality game with voices and music. I was able to find people to do the voices and sounds on ŌThe Voice Acting CommunityĶ website for this. I also wanted to make the game dramatic so I asked my cousin for original music for one scene. There were many sound auditions for my game that I used but many of them I discarded.  All together, my process began with a planning stage with working through different storyboards. Then I went through a coding stage in which I had to sync the voices with the animations and the animations with the coding.  And finally, after four months, I finished a playable product. 


The final stage was for me to test the game with my peers.  My Senior Project Mentor, Urban, let me show my game to the Flash Class and they emailed me errors in the game and suggestions.   They suggested things like using more music and making the educational questions multiple choice.   

The main error that happened was a coding error in the Rome level because of the levels in the frame.  I removed the coding from the frame but I understand what the issue was and felt it was better without the coding.  


Throughout my process I faced many challenges. It was challenging to think of a game type and  a story that is entertaining and makes sense.  I was learning about time travel in science class and I thought the idea of time travel would be interesting and I could play with the idea creatively.   Another challenge was creating animated drawings.  I wanted to integrate my art and computer skills initially but I had no experience in animating.  I tried my best and I am happy with what I made after a lot of trial and error.   Making the game educational was the hardest part. One of the educational things I remembered was from 9th grade Physics and I thought it would be fun to create a simple physics problem in order to progress through the game.  When I wanted to make another educational element, someone suggested to me that it would be a good idea to have a trivia question to match the time period.  I dealt with these challenges creatively and I completed all the goals that I set out to do initially.  The games runs as smooth as I wanted it to and you canÕt exploit the levels.  I was able to put the game on a website so people can play the game on the Internet. And I had positive reviews on the games entertainment and educational value.  


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Community Member (Details)


Thor Jensen is my outside consultant.

Although I achieved my goals, I had challenges in meeting them.  My first challenge was thinking of a game type.  I was able to overcome this by taking advice from Thor Jensen, who was my outside consultant from Gamelab.  I sent him different types of games and he replied that they were good starts but it was better to create one good game than many mediocre games.