Ross School - Senior Project 2007-08

Student: Tucker Hurley

Mentor: Carrie Clark


Title: Politicide & The Revolution


As America stumbles into the twenty-first century with an unpopular war it must deal with, it continues to descend into an age of uncertainty and fear. I have chosen to analyze political and historical aspects of America that must be avoided and/or changed if this nation is to survive. While people, governments and nations make mistakes, mistakes only exist for us to acknowledge and become stronger by correcting. My project is an analysis of controversial actions by the U.S., and a reminder of America's much needed reform. Both a caveat, ultimatum, and a plea, let this serve as an attempt to open the eyes of Americans to the wrongs that must be righted.


Throughout making this product I have learned many valuable skills such as effective information searching, how to use first hand sources (such as President Reagan's National Security Decision Directives), and how to write a coherent argument.

Politicide & The Revolution


Politics, history, and social criticism have always enthralled me. Yet this project presented me with a unique opportunity to do more than simply read what others have said, but to clearn my throat and speak up for myself and put myself to the test in the world of academia. From the start of hearing "senior project" in the 11th grade I had a definate mindset that my project would somehow incorporate international politics,  and history. However, aside from using scandals such as The Iran-Contra Affair, and U.S. economic aid to Israel, I didn't know what I wanted to prove, or even what I wanted to say.

When I first started this project, I had no idea what my unifying theme was. As the project continued I kicked my ass over and over again because I was doing tons of research that I felt I wasn't putting into an effective theme, and thus creating a terrible essay. I would continue telling myself that "I'll get it eventually, I'll get it soon", only to find out that I wasn't. Sometime before Christmas break , howeveer, I had an epiphany several minutes before a pivotal conversation with my mentor that put my project on the right track. After having read countless articles, dozens of books, and two full-congressional reports (on Iran-Contra, and 9/11) I realized that what I was trying to get across. J.R.R. Tolkien once said that "Not all who wander are lost" and after all this tedious research, I had wandered into a thesis that I would not have been able to put my finger on if I had not wandered throughout researching.

I think this is the most valuable thing I've learned throughout the process of senior project. Instead of blind research, you need something to say before you start looking up facts . Just as a writer needs his thesis, a lawyer needs an appropriate sentence to aim for, and a politic needs political "goals" to work for. In the future, I know I need to need to treat essays as if they were conversations. Describe an idea through a thesis, and then sell it to the reader through a combination of history, data, and rhetoric.

Writing is an every day part of my life, because it focuses on one of our most basic talents, communication. I'll take from this project a vast amount of political information, research data, a well tempered political views, and of course the essay itself.

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Community Member (Details)

A vital part of my process was the assistance and conversations I had with Mr. Jack MacArthur. I first met Mr. M as a student here at Ross when he would act as a substitute for history teachers, and he opened my eyes to many topics I used, and would like to have used if I had more time. Because Mr. M is so well versed in military history, political history, and human rights, his suggestions and critique helped me during pivotal edits before my final drafts. I'm pleased to say that Mr. M has not only been a terrific mentor, but has also become a good friend who I do not hesitate to email news articles, and thoughts on politics.