Ross School - Senior Project 2007-08


Student: Tyler Levitsky

Mentor: Shelby Raebeck






Title: East End Musicians


For my senior project, I made a series of six podcasts, each featuring a different local musician. Each podcast features an interview, a narrative about the interview experience, and some music clips and full songs from the artist. The creation of these podcasts was relatively easy. The only difficult part was actually scheduling the interviews, and then recording the podcasts themselves. The podcasts are available off of either iTunes or the school homepage. 



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For my senior project I made a series of podcasts featuring local musicians. When it was time to first pick our projects, I had no idea what mine would be. Some of the senior project team suggested that I make a school radio show and that sounded interesting because I have a love for music and I figured I would be able to DJ on the show. It turns out this wouldn't exactly work, because copyright laws make it so I cant just play any music I want without permission. This meant that I would be confined to talk radio and any local artists who could give me permission to use their music. Unfortunately I hate talk radio, and am not very involved in the local music community. This added an extra challenge to the project, which would turn out to be a lot more of a problem than I thought.


My first interview was several months into the project and was with a local youth band Too Busy Being Bored. One of the members of this band, Forrest Gray goes to Ross and I got the interview through him. It went well, but the sound quality wasn't very good, and it was way too short. It was just my first interview, so I figured I would get better with time. The next interview was not until a month or two later, with local singer Nancy Atlas. That was by far the best interview, and she was great to talk to.


It was really difficult to get anyone else to do an interview, because no local artists wanted anything to do with me. I was in contact with several bands, but as soon as they found out that it was just a school project and they would not get paid they lost interest. Some musicians were also hoping to get advertising time for some up coming shows, but when I told them the episodes would not be released until probably some time in February they stopped returning my emails.


In the end, I missed all of the deadlines, because I did not have enough episodes, and what I did have was not edited fully. I had a lot of trouble with the editing software, because I had never done anything like this before and did not know how to use the equipment. It was moderately easy to learn with the help of Amy Wright. She was very helpful with the entire project and I would not have been able to finish without her. Another main problem I had was the lack of an outside consultant. I put off getting one for a very long time, because I felt that I had more important things to worry about and kind of just forgot about it. Eventually I did get one, but it was already past second approval to present. His name is Rob Buschur and is the producer of a radio show. He could have been really helpful, but since I got him way late, and then had some trouble staying in touch with him, I did not really use his services much.


The other interviews I ended up doing were with Adam Judd, Jasper Wilson, and all the seniors who did music themed senior projects. That went surprisingly well, because all my classmates were very eager and willing to help me. I got all the interviews done in a day and the editing went pretty smoothly. I feel that my project could have been a lot better if I had only managed my time better and stayed on top of deadlines. The final podcasts were decent in the end, but seem a little bare bones, and honestly I am slightly disappointed in myself. If I learned anything from this project, it was time management skills and the importance of respecting hard work and deadlines. I still have no interest whatsoever in radio. I have no intention of doing anything like this project ever again in the future.


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Community Member (Details)

Rob Buschur-radio producer