Ross School - Senior Project 2007-08

Student: Jessica Olinkiewicz

Mentor: Annemarie Costello


Title: Rescue Me: Horses Rescued From Slaughter


For my Senior Project, I wrote a book containing stories and photographs of horses rescued from slaughter. Over the summer I went over to Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue and did some dirty work while I was learning more about horses. When I was at Amaryllis I learned something new that even horse people like me don't know about; horses were being slaughtered. The realization that this was happening to horses hit me hard and I immediately wanted to help raise awareness. My book will provide information about the horse slaughter industry and what people can do to stop the slaughter of horses, through the telling of the horses' stories that were rescued from slaughter.



























Horse Stories


I put together a book for my senior project. My book is a collection of stories and photos of horses rescued from slaughter. My goals for this project were to raise awareness and educate people about horse slaughter. Last summer I visited Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue in Sagaponack.  Amaryllis Farms is a horse sanctuary, that rescues horses form slaughter,abuse, and homelessness. While I was at Amaryllis Farm I learned that horses are being slaughtered and the information I found was disgusting and inhumane.

After learning this information I started my project by researching about horse slaughter and the horse slaughter industry. I also researched about the horse itself,  evolution, behavior, senses, and the horses ability to do different things. Once I got all the information I needed, I used this information in my foreword for my book, to give enough background information on horses and horse slaughter. I wrote several drafts of my foreword and had them edited for mistakes  and then I would correct them. I wrote six horse stories of horses at Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue. I would meet and email Christine, my outside consultant to tell me each horses' story. Next was the photography portion of my project . The photography took more time, because i had never done photography before this project. I decided to  use digital photography, that way I would have the ability to use the photos on the computer. After practicing using the camera I went to Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue to shoot photos of the horses. Over the course of my project I went to Amaryllis Farm several times to take and retake photos of the horses. Between working simultaneously on the writing and taking photos for my book, made it difficult for me to stay organized. Once I had enough material to work with, I began to work on the layout of my book on the computer. I complied and organized the photos and stories into the book. Once the layout  was complete I sent my book off to the printers. When I received a copy of my book, I was happy to have the finished product. I was also happy it was completed because I was able to create a book that will provide information for people to understand the cruelty about horse slaughter. I feel I have accomplished the goals that were set   for my senior project.

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Community Member (Details)

My community member was Christine Barrett-Distefano. She is the owner of Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue. She rescues horses and gives them a second chance at life.