Ross School - Senior Projects 2010

Student: Yvie Biddle Hentic

Mentor: Jennifer Cross




Usually when people hear the term Zombie they think of gross decaying bodies, personally I disagree. The zombie has always been an interest of mine because of its association with voodoo, infection, magic; I find them beautiful. I wanted to share my interest and vision of these creatures with the public through my artwork. I wanted others to experience the environment that intrigues me. I created this multimedia installation for that purpose. By integrating music, writing and visual art, my intention was to create a sensuous experience that evokes the feeling of uneasiness and horror for the viewer. 


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September 20th, 2009

Dear Diary:

We broke up. This was it, the third time and the last time. Over. I know relationships are just generally terrible when youre a teenager, and a main problem- but this one was the pits. Goodbye Jack, and thank god!  Im eighteen and need to get a move on with my life; plan out college, move on from this town. Your just one less issue in my horrible hormone filled existence!

September 21st, 2009

Dear Diary:

Isabelle was sick today, and me being the responsible sibling I am had to pick her up from school. Mom wasnt home ( typical ) and Dads still in the city. We watched Cartoons and I made her soup. I hope my deed of the day wont get me plagued with her head cold. Thank God Isabelle is still at an age where its easy to take care of her.

Jack called today, said he was sorry for the abuse he put me through. And he should be. The boy deserves to suffer for awhile. And I think Ill let him.

September 22, 2009

Dear Diary:

When I came home from work today my favorite smell filled the house, but with that amazing scent came false security and love in my household. This smell was my mothers pumpkin pie unfortunately though, she obviously had to be around in order for it to be there. I heard her talking to Isabelle in the kitchen about how she shouldnt have gone to school with a fever. I agreed- I had told her that this morning, but I couldnt take care of her I needed to be at the bookstore so I could get my paycheck; it wasnt my fault I need to go to work! She should have been at home, after all Isabelle is her child. But I know first hand how careless and self absorbed she can be. We are just there so when she has guests she can say and these are my beautiful children and find some way to brag about us. Like she cares. And in additionlike I care about her. Nothing! I developed the feeling, I think, that I now have the ability not to feel- just for her.

She blamed me for Isabelles cold, she claimed I didnt take care of her well enough (at least Im here to try and take care of her), that my head was too wrapped around boys, parties, and drugs. That I was just some fool kid taking a year off and doing nothing with her life.

I am doing something mom- Im surviving, like I have to, Im building my life slowly so I dont rush things and fuck up, so I can take care of everyone and everything in my life. UNLIKE YOU.

The good news is;

One: Shell be gone tomorrow.

Two: I have pumpkin pie.

September 25, 2009

Dear Diary:

Dads still gone. I miss him.

September 27th, 2009

Dear Diary,

Barclay started working at the book store today. Haha, I hope hell enjoy dealing with me every second of his week. It was bad enough when we werent working together but now- generally well be inseparable. I told him he was going to get bored; but he had recently stopped working for the local summer camp because of the season change and knew I needed the extra help. I guess thats what best friends are for. <3

September 29th, 2009

Dear Diary,

Flus have been big this year, swine flus and everything. But I think disease is becoming more and more of a problem. On my way to work today I was listening to the radio and apparently theres a new disease, Revinia- a virus being spread over certain parts of Asia and people are being quarantined. Asia, quarantined? I bet its just some crazy experiment gone wrong and the governments just covering it up. Its probably like radiation or something. Haha maybe I should stop reading sci-fi novels when Im bored at the store.

September 30th, 2009.

Dear Diary,

Isabelle got an 100% on her vocabulary test and showed it to me, since Im the only one she could have showed it to. Im proud of her.

October 3rd, 2009

Dear Diary:

Jack came to work today and Barclay almost killed him. He brought me flower, a white rose. I guess he really did feel bad I had to throw it away. I cant let him trick me into giving him my affection today. No matter what- I cant. Barclay told me that, and I think hes right.

October 5th, 2009

Dear Diary:

I woke up late today and missed the first three hours of work. When I got home after rushing through the rest of my day to makeup for time spent sleeping, I turned on the news and made two sunnyside-up eggs (ever since I read The Shining they became my favorite way of cooking eggs). An elderly women was shot today at John f. Kennedy airport fallowing her descent from Bhutan to New York. Was the first thing I heard on the broadcast. Then I heard her name Ms. Leon, was enraged during the flight and had to be restrained after biting the flight attendant. When the flight landed she was brought into custody and then tried to attack an officer she was killed on the spot. Ms. Leon as in Jack Leons mother. Im going to have to call him tomorrow. This was even too much news for me.

October 6th, 2009

Dear Diary:

I keep on hearing the news reporters voice Killed on the spot why? But more importantly why would she try and harm the officer? I knew Ms. Leon, I knew her better then my own mother because she took the most care of me when I was dating her son. Ms. Leon worked as an international translator for companiesmaybe something happened when she was in Asia during the quarantine

I called Jack, he was a mess, completely. Which I assumed he would be. I offered to come by to keep him company but he declined my offer. Im watching the news again seems like things are normal.

October 8th, 2009

Dear diary:

Isabelles school called, it was one of those mass recorded messages sent to all parents or guardians. All students must evacuate school grounds as soon as they can, please pick your child up immediately. I thought it sounded a little more serious than it was, and I was wrong. Barclay came with me, I picked him up from work on the way. When we pulled up the school looked empty, there were no cars in the parking lot besides a few of the teachers. Barclay went to open the doors of the school but they were locked. I was confused and starting to gain some anger, where the hell was Isabelle?? I was scaredmaybe thats a better way of putting it.

The fall air blew over the school I remember being cold and how that made the entire scene before me feel more horrifying. We waited outside the car smoking Marlboro reds to keep us warmuntil we saw ither Isabelles teacher. She limped slowly so I had the chance to get a good look at her, she was bitten all over her arms and her eye hung from its socket creating a stream of blood that easily fell on the line of her cheek bones. I froze. What was going on here? This is why I needed to get Isabelle? I shouldve come sooner. Barclay grabbed me and threw me in the car. I started to yell at him about Isabelle- but what could I do? What if she turned into thatthing

I was lucky. When I got home and saw Isabelle on the couch curled up in blankets shaking. That knot in my stomach was gone. Thank god. Barclays staying with us- I cant let him out of my sight.

October 9th, 2009

Dear Diary,

I called into work today but no-one picked up the phone. Its 6:30 in the morning though, that might be the reason I dont want to leave the house and risk something happening. I JUST CANT SHAKE THIS FEELING, its the same feeling when you know you forgot to study for a test or you forgot someones birthday and are in panic until you get them a present, but not evenits like Im choking...

What was that? Is this what has been going on is Asia?

Isabelle tossed and turned all night, she still wont tell me what she sawbut maybe it was too soon to ask her. Something must have happened. Obviously something happened. I assumed that a bus evacuated students from the school, like they usually should do in emergencies.

Barclay just woke up. Im going to make us breakfast- Ill check in again later.


I called into work over and over again. No response. I guess I quit; which means Im forcing Barclay to quit as well. I cant panic- maybe it was just a minor outbreak and it was unfortunate that it was around our area. But then again Long Island is a small area and the virus is spreading fast. We stayed at home; I refused to watch the news and find out what was going on. I wanted to be ignorant for at least one more day.

We watched Aladdin with Isabelle and some other Disney movies, she didnt seem to fight me about going to school like she usually would. But she did do her homework.

Barclay and me decided that we would stay in tonight, and try to call the store again tomorrow just in case the owner had the same idea as we did. Until we heard from the owner we wouldnt go near the town. We still had a good amount of food left in the house.

Barclay also brought up a good point; what about our parents? What about our friends? Hopefully they were all safe and it was an issue we would have to deal with tomorrow; trying to contact them. As for now Im tired, and want to watch the Lion King next.

October 11th, 2009

Dear Diary:

Today I realized this is getting much more serious then I could ever imagine. I was hoping this was just some weird event that happened and was nothing, just nothing, nothing important.

Barclay thinks we should evacuate, there will be helicopters exiting the city in two days. We heard that on the news. Apparently this virus is spreading VERY rapidly, and we still dont know the cause of it; or how it got here from Asia. Were waiting for more information on the news cast, Ive been watching the television all day- just waiting for information.

Isabelle finally started talking, but shes talking about things that disturb me. She was watching the news cast with us when they were explaining the possible effects of the virus and prevention with possible cure. She stated that there was no way to prevent it; you cant cure the dead. Sure her teacher looked dead, I could have been sure- but the dead dont walk, and clearly Isabelles teacher was walkingshe must have been livingright?

October 14th, 2009

Dear diary:

This winter is going to be cold. Which means many people will get sick. But its doubtful that theyll just get the virus Revinia, the more we learn about these infected the more terrified I become. Apparently they are generally invincible and feel no pain, the only way to kill then is by shooting them in the cranium and disconnecting contact from the brain to the body. They figured that out in combat- Ive become used to the shooting sounds coming from the TV from clips of the city and towns, I even saw an attack of the camera man on a live filming. I would think they would stop the news, but then again its the only way for the public to witness and know what is going on out there.

Revinia seems to effect the body like rabies, says scientists, its only way of turning is my direct fluidic contact between two bodies. But the side effects are more serious and the body does give out with in a matter of days.

We didnt take the helicopters. A two hour trip with traffic and panicking people was out of the question. Crowds are a direct target for the infected. Barclay told us to wait it out until either more people die out and its easier to move to a safer area or see how long we could last here. Its quiet here right now, I havent seen an infected again since Isabelles teacher. But I also havent left the house

October 16th, 2009

Dear Diary:

How is it possible for things to change so drastically so quickly? I looked out the window and saw at least 3 neighbors limping around looking for food. Obviously infected. Barclay says we have to leave the house soon. Its not a safe enough area because of the multiple windows, we dont know how they will react when they become ravenous, and find us. Plus were running out of food and water. I have to keep a watch on the area, keep the house dark and windows closed. Make sure it looks like no ones home until we evacuate.

October 17th 2009

Dear diary:

Zombies thats what they are calling them. The living dead. Has the entire world gone nuts? Maybe I have as well, I believe it. I think the dead now live among us. We play the news very low now, and only keep it on during the day so the televisions light wont be seen as easily.

October 18th, 2009

Dear diary,

We had our first attack today. The phone rang around dusk and two zombies broke into the house; I still cant look at them without freezing. The situation is still shocking, mainly when you used to know the people. Me and Isabelle hid as Barclay managed to get one between the eyes with a kitchen knife and the other he locked in the closet. He was careful not to be bitten, but watching him struggle against their force made my heart race; we couldnt lose him.

I told him that and he said he couldnt lose me either; I dont want him getting the wrong impression. This is the least thing I need.

October 19th, 2009

We listened to the message machine, it was the phone call from yesterday. It was Jack. The message was something along the lines of;

I hope youre safe. Im alone now, and need to leave. Call me back Lauren, I miss you and want you to be safe with me. He was crying again and alone, which means he lost his father We cant chance calling anyone, the zombies can hear the phones. Well just have to pick him up on the way- anyone that can survive, should.

Barclay told me to pack light, and wear comfortable clothing because we might be walking a lot. He knows a lot about trips because of the camp he worked at- and I trust him.

I have to call it an early night. Were getting up at daybreak to start heading out.

October 20th, 2009

Dear Diary,

We made it out of the house and into the car just fine, we had to be quick and nimble. When the engine hummed it caught the attention of the zombies and we had to run a few down. Isabelle didnt seem to mind- it almost seemed like she was amused when they finally stopped moving, its like putting the dead in their rightful place. But I assume she had reasons to hate these creatures.

She loves to sleep in the car even with Barclay playing his old blues and country. I could never sleep through his singing. Were almost at Jacks house.


Im in complete shock. I thought he was fine. For all I know he was probably delirious when he called me. We went into his house to find his father with a pair of scissors lodged through his ear, just enough to damage the brain. He killed his own father. Now I realized how much pain he probably felt- because he was the one to kill the only person left for him, he was the reason he was now alone. We searched the house and I headed to his room; since that was probably the one area he felt most safe in.

I found him. I found him hanging from his bathroom door motionless. But only motionless for a second, his body started convulsing as soon as I made a sobbing noise, he was an infected. I screamed and backed away from him crying, he was stuck on the door flailing in the air to get to me. I kept screaming his name hoping he would remember something, he didnt.

Of all people why did he have to be infected?

Id put him through so much

Barclay tackled me covering my mouth, he told me I was being too loud and would draw the attention of the infected- then he saw Jackand he held meI watched him, Jacks face was pail, blue veins bulging out of his cracking skin, and those eyes I use to love so much looked blinded and clouded over. It made me shake- the effects of Revinia were terrifying, white teeth turning a vomit yellow under receding gum lines and this was only a recent infected he wasnt even rotting yet

Barclay let me cry for awhile then smashed Jacks head in with his favorite soccer trophy.

Barclay looked sad, which was odd considering he hated Jack and if he was living would have done the same thing in a second.

We rushed Isabelle out of the house. Were on the move again.

October 22th, 2009

Dear diary,

Today, we went to the gas station. It looked completely deserted but thats what a lot of things look like now a days, bleak, boring, empty, and deserted. I hate that. Sometimes I think a world like this isnt even worth living in but I stop myself. This will pass, just like any other stupid disease.

Barclay was happy to fill the tank and the spare gas tank without paying, he said the one good thing is the taxes wont go up anymore. That made me laugh. I should stay positive. Because if Im not, my negative thoughts will get the best of me.

October 23, 2009

Im starving and so is Isabelle. Something she comments on every 20 or so minutes. Im sure Barclay is too. I dont say a word like him, only give Isabelle a sibling scold and tell her to shut up. The grocery store could be dangerous, a lot of aisles which makes for a lot of corners. But we need to get nourishment, and I have the worst craving for a snickers barmmm I should stock up on those and cigarettesgood combination.

October 25th, 2009

Dear Diary,

We parked outside of an IGA, and the second we did I already knew this was going to be a really bad idea, but my stomach taunted me and told me to do it. My eyes lazily watched the passing zombies within the parking lot, customers pushing carts, living dead clerks eating the already dead clerks. There were nine of them, nine, only nine outside. What does that tell me about the inside? I clenched the baseball bat I had brought for protection, breaking a piĖata was the closest thing I had come to killing something, so I thought it was sufficient.


I WAS SO FUCKING SCARED! I was so scared I dont even really know what happened; I just ran, ran and swung. AND THANK JESUS DIARY! I didnt freeze up at the sight of them! And Im alive!!!

Im was alive and between two automatic glass doors! I looked like a Jackson Pollock painting with the amount of blood sprayed on me! I was breathless, and so tired! I was Just waiting to see what was beyond those other sets of glass doors, I waited and waited for Barclay to catch his breath diary- and then we went out. Ready to see what we were up against and you know, there werent as many zombies as we had thought there were going to be, only two more store clerks which was lucky for us. I could see my heart pounding through my chest.

I have my bat next to me as I write to you. Barclay left me alone as he went to get Isabelle from the car. I guess were staying here for the night, or maybe a little longer, I have no idea...

October 26th, 2009

At least were a bit safe in the grocery. I can still see the zombies through the door, but we locked the electronic doors. Isabelle checks on them every now and then, and scolds them like dogs under her breathe.

Im still worried about her, but shes still a sweet heart- her reactions to zombies is just strange to me though. Im scared of them and she, she wants to see them suffer...

Barclay is happy wandering around the IGA and trying to make bedding and what not out of potato and flour sacks... men...

October 28th, 2009

Isabelle reminded me that Halloween was right around the corner. Haha some Halloween this is going to be. Maybe we camp out in the candy aisle and munch on junk food all night.

October 29th, 2009

We cleaned up a bit, found the brooms and mops.

October 31st, 2009

Everyones asleep and Im sleepy too, but diary Im so happy! Halloween ended up better then I had thought it would. We did end up camping in the candy aisle, but we told stories about our past Halloweens and what were going to do when we make it to a safe zone. For once Im calm. I never though I could eat so much chocolate and laugh as much as I did! Barlcays so sweet he really made sure Isabelle had a good time and me too.

I think Im going to sleep next to him tonight. He looks pretty cute when hes asleep.

November 1st, 2009

NEVER! Never will I ever let my guard down again! A good Halloween, yeah, my ass. It was about 4 in the morning when I heard the glass shatter, and even then I still couldnt comprehend much after being up so late, it took me a few seconds- a few desperate seconds which I should have taken the time to realize what was going on. THEY BROKE IN! enough of them pressed against the windows, one of them cracked!

Isabelle shot off through the aisles, and I tried to go after her, before I could though Barclay grabbed me and threw me into the freezer, jamming it with the broom. HE WENT AFTER HER HIMSELF, WITH ALL THOSE INFECTED! I watched I counted one by one, FOR TWENTY FUCKING MINUTES!!!!

I was crying- which burnt my face because of the freezing temperature I was forced into. But I saw them somehow, they survived by knocking over the infected with shopping carts and using my bat as a weapon. They got into the fridge as well. Isabelle wrapped herself in Barclays jacket, shivering...

And I kissed him, I couldnt help it. I owed him so much but I regret it.

November 2nd, 2009

Im so cold. I just want Barclay to stop talking out loud about ideas on how to get out of here. Were not getting out of here. Were going to freeze, I mean I look at Isabelle whos blue in the face now, shes going to die living in this temperature. But if we go outside well die too, there are so many infected

November 3rd, 2009

Were out. I felt so stereotypical like in those spy novels I use to read in the bookstore, I climbed threw a vent! And boy, do I assure you its not at all as easy as it seems it would be, vents are dark, noisy, and shake a lot. Im surprised the zombies couldnt figure out where we were.

When we exited the vent we ran, and ran fast. Barclay gave Isabelle a piggyback ride. Because she looked so tired. We found the car, still with gas. Which was lucky. And now we are on the road again. Im worried about Isabelle, but when I ask if shes okay she always tells me she caught a cold in the freezer.

November 6th, 2009

I cant do this anymore, were now living in a motel room where two people shot themselves so they wouldnt become the infected, I believed they were lovers. We through their bodies over the balcony. I refuse to sleep in that bed, I can still smell them there.

November 7th, 2009

Shes so pale and she wont take that jacket off, and she wont look me in the eyes.

She talks to Barclay though thats good.

November 9th, 2009

Theyre both gone I didnt think it would end so quickly

Dear diary, I will tell you what happened for the last time before I leave you behind. I need to end all these memories and start over, plus Im not sure Ill have the time to write in you anymore, you might just be dead weight.

Isabelle was bitten, her death was at 4:30 pm and she rose again at 5, and finally fell at 5:15 by my hands. She was the first zombie Ive ever killed. Barclay told me everything before he jumped head first over the balcony. He was bitten too

Isabelle, she was attacked at the grocery and didnt want to tell me she thought I would hate her (I could never hate her), so Barclay helped her by covering her bitten shoulder with his jacket, no wonder she wouldnt take it off I cant believe I didnt see it coming.

She tried to bite me. Her own sister, and I grabbed the suicidal lovers gun, but I couldnt shoot, I wouldnt shoot her. Even with Barclay yelling at me. Stupid!! UH! Im so stupid!! She lunged, but not at me, at Barclay and he screamed at the skin ripped off his cheek I panicked and squeezed. BANG!!! I couldnt believe it I shot her, I shot her right through her right eye. 5:15 pm.

Barclay admitted his love for me, and took the gun saying he wouldnt make me shoot another person from my old life. He told me to move on and survive So I will as best as I can. Im taking this gun to replace you dearest diary. Goodbye.


            Last year we were asked to create a senior project there was so many ideas that came into my mind- I wasn’t to explore the paranormal, dark humor, the lifestyle I adapted myself to. I decided my main focus should be “the zombie” which was an obsession of mine, I had a huge love of the living dead.

            Eventually I came to the conclusion to generate a space with my own artwork and an atmosphere that would facinate the eye along with a fictional diary to go along with it about a girl and her undergoing zombie invasion.

            Holy Zombie!!!! was my outcome it was a creation meant to amuse and disturb the public. Make them comfortable and uneasy at the same time through images, music, and different forms of artwork in a confined area. The Zombie was the main focus in the creation of the installation and the main theme. The reasoning the zombie was chosen is because they are a constant interest in my life. The zombie is a human- a dead human. So we share a bond with the monster even if it has horrifying capabilities. I myself have always been fascinated by the dead, supernatural, and mythology and in a sense because being surrounded by it for the majority in my life seek comfort in these things.

            I wanted people to realize that feeling I had. Be able to find a sense of fun and fantasy in the generally disturbing. Within the installation created 3 oil paintings. I worked with all kinda of things spraypaint lace ink dolls wax and lots of fake blood- in the art aspect I was even apart of the installation it’s self when dressing up as a zombie for opening night. One of the main parts of my project was also a diary of the conflicts of a teenage girl trying to survive in a now zombie dominant world this was important because it explored my writing abilities which is another great part of my life- art and writing. Overall Holy Zombie was a great experience and help me develop in the interests I've constantly had within my life.

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