Ross School - Senior Projects 2010

Student: Savanna Hoge

Mentor: Jennifer Cross


Title: The Modernization of Fashion and Design


Outside Consultant: Edward Wilkerson

For my senior project I designed and created a small line of clothing. I called my project the modernization of fashion and design because I also altered clothing from vintage and thrift stores. My clothing line is a fall collection of mostly evening wear. I wanted my clothing to be elegant but edgy at the same time, I focused mainly on quality rather than quantity. I wanted to portray my clothes through a photo shoot at a modern house. I made the clothes in my size so I could model them while Carlotta Kohl photographed the clothing. For the final part of my project, I wanted the photographs to be large so viewers can see the detail in the clothing as well as make a large impact onto the viewer.


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PowerPoint Presentation



For my senior project I chose to design and make clothing. I picked this topic because I always had a distinct interest for fashion, and to make my own clothing was very exciting to me. Most people send their designs to manufacturers but I chose to sew the clothes on my own so I can understand the structure of each piece more. The clothing I wanted to make were garments that I would wear, it was exciting to have a chance to do this because its more fun to make something that you would want to wear rather than find it and buy it. In the near future I am planning on working in the business side of the fashion industry. This includes marketing, management and public relations. I believe that understanding and knowing about the work put into making a garment will be very helpful when I am in school and working. Not everyone who works in fashion knows how to make a piece of clothing so I have a feeling that this will get me a step ahead of other people working in the industry. My project ended up being a fall clothing line, consisting of dresses and blazers. I wanted to keep my garments “elegant and edgy” which ended up being a part of each piece. I wanted all the dresses to be eveningwear, however they could be worn casual as well. I used silk for almost all of my pieces, this was because I had always been in love with this fabric because of the way it flows on the body as well as the way it looks. Along with the dresses and blazers, I worked with a pattern I had made during the summer using ink, a roller and a plastic board. I used this pattern on a few tank tops and tee shirts and ended up displaying two of them. I also painted the pattern onto a three-yard piece of white silk in which I displayed as well. The final portion of my project was the photo shoot, which took me a while to get organized and get done. I decided to do a photo shoot instead of a fashion show because I didn’t have enough clothing and I only made the clothing in my size. I focused on the quality rather than the quantity. I had a few problems with not knowing who was going to be the photographer as well as not knowing where I was going to photograph everything. I ended up getting a student from the school, Carlotta Kohl to photograph the garments. During winter break, the both of us were traveling the Aspen Colorado, and came up with the idea of shooting there. I wanted my photo shoot to be very editorial, something you would see in a magazine. I was the model for the clothes while Carlotta took photos of me, being that I made all of the clothing in my size. We shot on the roof of the apartment I was staying in as well as on the streets of Aspen. When the photo shoot was finished I had to get my pictures printed and put on display in the Senior Building of the Ross School. I wanted the photographs to be as big as possible so everyone can see the details of the clothing and be able to see everything. Along with the photos I also displayed the garments and my process book. In the end I am so proud of how it turned out, I am glad that I can show people the amount of work and effort I put into my senior project.

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Community Member (Details)

Edward Wilkerson has been a close family friend for a while. He and my mom worked with Calvin Klein together for a good amount of years. Edward is very famous for his fashion sketches, which is why he was hired by Calvin Klein. He was also hired by famous fashion designer Donna Karen. Since a portion of my project had to do with making fashion sketches I was very lucky to work with Eddie. Along with being successful in fashion sketches Edward also designs his own clothing so I was also able to get advice on that. I was extremely lucky to work with Edward and I thank him so much for the amount he helped me in my senior project!