Ross School - Senior Projects 2010

Student: Daniel Jang

Mentor: Carrie Clark


Title: Korean Peninsula


Although I was born and raised in Korea until the age of 15, I never really studied North Korea. I wouldn't say I was the only Korean who was not interested in North Korea, but it is a general feeling amongst people in my generation, and I always felt ashamed of people not being interested in their brother country. Therefore, I decided to write a series of papers that would describe the relationship and history of North and South Korea, including how they became divided. From this project, I learned a lot about the history and the perspectives of people towards North Korea.


Papers (Why Did I Do This Project, DMZ, Two Koreas, What is North Korea to You)

PowerPoint Presentation


My Senior Project is going to be about the relationship and the history between North Korea and South Korea. I am going to write a paper about these topics. Most of the summer, I stayed in Korea. During that period, many events have happened: Missile attack, North Korea's Announcements against U.S. It was very interesting to me because even though I lived in Korea for more than 15 years I never really give my attention to North Korea. Thus, I decided to research about North Korea and visited the DMZ (De-Militarize Zone) to see the boarder of North and South Korea.

Actually, I was very concerned about my senior project because nothing was working very well during my senior project. For instance, communicating with my mentor, finishing work on time, and posting blogs on time. However, I started to catch up all the works and now I am very satisfied of what I have done. 

"How can you find the resource of North Korea? This is the quote that I have been thinking of during past 4 months. I tried to find the information about the REAL North Korea, however the real North Korea never exists. I mean, I have been working on my project pretty long and I have researched pretty huge amount of places to find REAL North Korea. However, what I got during that research period was 'nothing.' Nothing. Everything was blocked even their cultures or languages. What I could find was the fake ones; fake smile; fake moves; fake talks. Everything that North Korea showed us were fakes and you could not find the real part of North Korea. However, I realized that there is actually a way to find the information about North Korea; just go to North Korea. Well it is actually hard to get in there but why can't I jut try it.

These were the thoughts that I have been thinking of during my senior project. I have faced many hardships that have given me a hard time but I am very sure that hardship helped me a lot to improve my English and researching skills.

I, in fact, affected my emotion towards North Korea. Because I am a South Korean, I am pretty sure that even though I tried to be objective; therefore, I tried not to think about the incident that happened in Korea. In fact, my mentor talked to me that my essay is more likely onto South Korean's point of view. I think this was also one of the hard moments that I have challenged.

Since September, I have been working on my senior project very hard. Even though I haven't finished my work yet, it is important that I learn a lot of new things and that makes me feel really good. In fact, I feel sad that this is my last blog. However, I just want to say that I really need to finish my senior as hard as I can.

Until now, I have been working on my senior project a lot. I was writing more than 3 essays in a week and revising the papers. This is actually very important experience for me because I can learn new things and I learned writing very much. After the senior project, I wish that I were on the level of good writing.

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Community Member (Details)

Mami Takeda

- Ms. Takeda helped me getting information about the perspectives of people toward North Korea. Because she is Japanese who had lived near North Korea, she knows it well about what is going on in Asia; which is the reason why I chose her as my outside mentor.