Ross School - Senior Projects 2010

Student: Hannah Levy

Mentor: Alexis Martino


Title: The Joy of Returning Life Benefit


For my Senior Project I put on a benefit dubbed “JRL” to raise money and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer. All funds raised were sent to the Lustgarten Foundation.  This benefit was in honor of my father who passed away from this disease in 2004. At my benefit there was a silent auction featuring a wide variety of auction pieces, a concert performance by The Glazzies, a step performance, a lyrical dance, and a late 50’s inspired duet.  I also created a page on the Lustgarten Foundation site where donations could be sent directly to the foundation and kept a tally of how much I have raised.  Through my benefit and outside donations I have raised over $15,000 to date. 


Pictures From Benefit (jrlpictures/379139_n.jpg, jrlpictures/2726787_n.jpg, jrlpictures/4455284_n.jpg, jrlpictures/4600936_n.jpg, jrlpictures/6358594_n.jpg, jrlpictures/6955948_n.jpg, jrlpictures/8151654_n.jpg, jrlpictures/8192949_n.jpg)


PowerPoint Presentation


My senior project encompassed multiple miniature projects.  All of these projects had the same goal: to raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer.  I felt compelled to spend the majority of my senior year dedicated to this project because of my strong personal connection to the disease.  My benefit was in honor of my father who passed away from pancreatic cancer in April 2004.  Coming to the conclusion that I wanted to hold a benefit was a difficult process.  I had many ideas on what my senior project should be, but it did not seem like there would be anything else that I felt worthy of this much attention.  My project encompassed the JRL benefit, which was the main focus of my project, creating my own web page on the Lustgarten Foundation site, hosting a smaller fundraising event at LF Southampton, and writing an extensive essay about pancreatic cancer.  My benefits focus was a silent auction and a concert.  My auction pieces were donated from all over.  I had donations ranging from a basketball jersey to pottery to gift certificates to candy, and everything in between.  The performers for my concert were the local band The Glazzies, a step performance by Cholena Smith and Autumn Williams, a lyrical modern solo choreographed and performed by D’Ashley Wilson, and a late 50’s inspired duet by Sheryl Hastalis and myself.  As my project meant so much to me, I did not ever have a period where I didn’t want to continue because the work was too stressful.  Becoming an event planner at the age of seventeen was very stressful, but knowing that thanks to my hard work I would be able to help others in a way that my own father could not have been helped felt great. My final proceeds came out to over $15,000.  While I had never imagined I could raise this much, I had never thought about the press wanting to know more about my event.  Being part of a senior class that had philanthropic goals drew attention from the media.  A surprise skill that I needed to learn was how to write a press release and how to act in a professional interview.   I am more than content with the final outcome of my senior project and hope that philanthropy will stay a high priority for seniors in the future.

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Community Member (Details)

Suzanne Beck

The Lustgarten Foundation Special Events Coordinator