Ross School - Senior Projects 2010

Student: Adam Phillips

Mentor: Lisa Gillespie


Title: How to enter the bucking bull industry

Description: Adam Phillips

How to enter the bucking bull industry is a How to book that I have created to help people understand the industry. I wanted to help people understand the bucking bull industry. So the book will show steps to enter the bucking bull industry successfully. The steps will give information from when the bull it born to bucking then till he is retired and how he will live his life.


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PowerPoint Presentation


My senior project was to learn about the bucking bull industry from the bottom up. I then created an informational book to help new comers understand how to enter the bucking bull industry. Currently Im a champion bull rider, when Im done riding bulls I still want to be a part of rodeo life  by owning bulls and bucking them. This is why I choose to create a book about the bucking bull industry, which will help other people who want to be a part of the bucking bull industry. My goal in this project was to learn more about the bucking bull industry in rodeo. I wanted to learn how to raise a herd of bulls from a calf to a retired bull. I wanted to learn about how to train bulls from the top trainers in the industry. I wanted to prepare myself for the future when I enter the industry and start raising my own bulls. I started preparing for my senior project back in 9th grade with my first independent M-term project. It was to go stay on a working bucking bull ranch in upstate New York and work as a ranch hand. I also learned about the financial side of the business. This past summer I continued researching the industry and reading bucking bull magazines. I traveled this summer to rodeos to compete but also to see how stock contractors worked and showcased their bulls. I took notes and photographs during this time. I even had a chance to interview some of the stock contractors. When I came back to school in the fall I did more research on the Internet about the steps for training and raising bucking bulls. Then I made an outline for the format of my book. I figured out how to categorize the chapters for the book. Then I started writing the information for the chapters. Finally I created a layout of the book that included the text and photographs.

This project has prepared me for a future in the bucking bull industry. Through the research I learned more techniques about how to train successful bucking bulls. And I learn a lot of information in the feeding of bulls and how age of bulls have an effect on the types of feed they need to stay healthy. I also learned about the many different options for breeding bulls and how this effect the cost and quality of bulls. The breeding process is a risky part of beginning a bucking industry. The information about breeding and maintaining bucking bull will help prepare myself for a future in a successful bucking bull business. I have even made a lot of friends in the bucking bull industry to help me get started with my own business in the future. This project has had a big impact on my life because I hope by doing this project I not only learned about the bucking bull industry but I learned about myself and how far I have come from when I first started school. I have never thought that I was going to write a book but I have. I really think there will be a bright future in the bucking bull industry for myself. I really think by doing this project that I feel like I have learned what I need to know to be able raise world champion bucking bulls.                                                                                          

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Community Member (Details)

Shirley Ruch Is a speech / language pathologist who as been working with me  several times a week since sixth grade. She help me with the writing and editing of my book. We also worked on taking the research I did and reading it together and writing down notes.