Ross School - Senior Projects 2010

Student: Brandon Zeidner

Mentor: Jim Smith


Title: How to be a Fit Teen


The focus of my senior project is fitness and its importance. I researched different aspects of fitness, which includes, exercise, nutrition, and the human anatomy. I wrote a paper a paper on all the aspects that I studied with the intention of informing people of how to get in shape and why it is so significant. In addition to my paper I am creating an instruction video.  The video consists of different exercises, which will include information about what is being worked.




PowerPoint Presentation


For my senior project, I decided to focus on fitness.  I decided to do this topic, because fitness has always been part of my life. When I was thirteen I had a staph infection which started to put me in a crippled state. Once the doctors told me that the staph infection was gone, I was relieved but I was told that I couldn’t  workout. About two years later I was given the ok to work out. I started to take working out to the next level and treat it more seriously. When I was asked what I wanted to do for my senior project I knew that I wanted try and motivate other people to go to the gym and change there dietary habitats.

I decided to write a research paper and create an instructional video. In the paper I cover some basic nutritional facts as well as advice on how to be a fit teen. In the video I give a list of stretches and exercises that people can execute in the gym, so that they can some guidance when exercising

Together the paper and the video are meant to make the viewer aware and motivated, and then instruct them on how to perform exercises correctly, as well as teach them how to eat healthily.

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