Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student: Christin AucapiĖa

Mentor: Alexis Martino

Domain(s):  100% Media

Faculty Grader:  Kenneth Sacks




Documentation of Product


Title:  AWARE


Aware is a magazine that endorses the concept of empathy through various stories. 

I spend most of my time volunteering for local and abroad causes, which have introduced me to empathy. When it came to choosing a subject for my magazine I decided to go with what I know, and have made it a learning experience by introducing new stories. Some of the stores that a reader can expect relate to humans, animals, and the environment. The overall idea that one should take away from my magazine is that some of the basic everyday routines can be altered to ameliorate the lives of others, through direct and indirect manners.



I started my senior project with knowledge about the East Hampton Food Pantry, Kids Stock the House, and endangered sea turtles. Every other story in my magazine was a learning experience. I have enjoyed my project very much and have learned more about photography, and pay more attention to current events. The following photographs display the shoots that I created. 


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I decided to go with a magazine because I have always been intrigued by the presentation, and found the layout process would be exciting. Plus, it would allow me to focus on any subject. I created a magazine that exposes readers to multiple concepts of empathy. It focuses on altruism and provides a forum for ameliorating suffering by giving readers examples of what they can do in their daily lives to help those in need—everything from volunteering to buying products whose proceeds go to the developing world.

Over the summer I did research on Rifkin, and incorporated his ideas of empathy into my project. I read Rifkin’s book The Green Lifestyle handbook: 1,001 Ways to Heal the Earth. I also watched his video on The Empathic Civilization. . Rifkin goes into discussing the concept of mirror neurons, that allow humans to feel the struggle of others. From his work I have gained the notion that there is a global community, in which everyone takes part in. My project fosters the idea of “ thinking globally and acting locally”, by informing the reader of different forms of volunteering and products that improve the lives of many.

This segment from my magazine resembles how I was influenced by Rifkin. “The magazine aims to inform readers about what they can do to be good stewards of the environment and local community, by influencing them to make long-term change. AWARE empowers its readers to foster a sense of consciousness and be aware of how their consumption impacts others.”

My goals for this project were to bring awareness and inspire the public, design and create a magazine that is appealing, learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. I wanted to provide the reader a variety of subjects that would resemble a lifestyle. That is why I included stories on Sea Turtles, Kids Stock the House, East Hampton Food Pantry, local food, and Krochet Kids.

For two weeks during the summer of 2011, I traveled to Tecoman, Mexico and participated in a sea turtle conservation program. A typical day consisted of small groups of volunteers patrolling the beach before sunrise and searching for turtle marks on the sand. If we found marks, we would estimate the location of the nest. Once a nest was located, we would count the eggs and move them to the camp’s corral, where the eggs are kept away from predators and can still remain nested in the sand. When the baby sea turtles make their way out of the sand, they need to be escorted into the ocean to ensure that they are not eaten by preys.

In order to inspire readers to act locally I have included stories on the East Hampton Food Pantry and Kids Stock the house. I became involved with the food pantry in 8th grade and I am now a board member. The pantry provides community members with a brown paper bag of canned food, and allows them to chose between many produce, meets, and baked goods. In 2011 the food pantry feed about 30,000 individuals.

KSTH is a student lead organization that fund-raises for the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, and it follows in the spirit of making the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island a “home away from home”. The little boy in the bottom photo’s name is Adean. He has had an extensive amount of surgeries since he was about 3months old, all because of a born in Afghanistan, and he is now in the care of his only family member, his uncle.

I also endorse local food and recipes, because it is important to support local farmers and eat sustainable food. The photographs that are in the magazine were taken at Quail hill farm in September. The recipes that were in the magazine were in the farm’s e-news letter. The question that I have anticipated since September has been “ Why is Paulina covered in fruit ?” And my answer is I wanted to come up with a new fun and edgy way to engage the reader of a new idea. So far I have only had positive comments about the shoot.

Krochet Kids employs women, by teaching them how to crochet hats and scarves and then selling them. Today, the organization employs over 122 women in Uganda and provides fair wages and classes on budgeting, business management and finance. After three years, a woman can provide food, water, clothing, and education for her family. She would also have enough money to start a small business. The hats that Krochet Kids sell are handmade and signed by the women that made them. By knowing the name of the woman who made their hat, purchasers can find her story online. The organization allows women to rise from poverty, and defines its success by the number of relationships that are built.

I really wanted my stories to resemble a life style. I could not just talk about one idea, such as traveling abroad and doing service and ending my project there. I wanted to expand and demonstrate to readers that there are many activities that they can take part in to help others.

In the fall I took Alternative Processing. In class I learned how to shoot and develop Holga Film, and I worked on photograms. I made photograms of sea turtles, and a map of the world. After I made various photograms of the map of the world. I chose the best photograms, and I colored on the areas that sea turtles nesting sites have been found around the world. I also decided to use one Holga picture from Quail hill farm. 

I am not a writer, so writing was the most challenging part for me. In order for the reader to have a clear understanding of what they are looking at I wrote about every story, and how it relates to the global community. Alexis included a lot of corrections on the introduction page, and sea turtle writing.

I spent most of December finalizing my writing, and in the end I went through various layouts, and decided to organize my writing on top of photographs and panting, and around photographs. The writing that I contributed was small, and I wanted to include Bill’s writing. When he gave me his writing it was a challenge to maintain a layout that was not overbearing. For that part of the magazine I had to create a new shoot I created a shirt that said “Wanted” on one side, and “clean water” on the other side. The photographs worked well, because I did not have to put two pages of text right next to each other, and a reader is more likely to be intrigued and read the entire essay.

I hope that readers get the sense that the magazine is a guide to a lifestyle , by acting locally. Being empathetic means that you are aware of your surroundings and how you impact on others. I have learned how to work with models, organize shoots, become a better writer, layout a magazine, and use adobe Photoshop and Indesign.




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