Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student: Catherine Bartlett

Mentor: Alexis Martino

Domain(s): Visual Arts

Faculty Grader: Heather D’agastino




Documentation of Product


Title: Americana


My Senior Project is a photo essay, which focuses the modern cowboy of Wyoming, and the fishermen of Montauk. I traveled to Wyoming this summer to spend time on a ranch to try and capture the essence of a classic American trade that is commonly forgotten and this fall I went onto a commercial fishing boat to try and achieve the same thing. Both of these professions use the earth to make a living and have slowly declined over the years due to Industrialization and Modernization.  I created an in-depth photo essay illustrating these two amazing occupations, which are extremely different but have similar roots. 

Details: Powerpoint

Exhibition & Presentation Summary








January 12, 2012 was the big day. Everything was all set up and hung and I was ready to show my work off to everyone. As it got closer to 5 pm a wave of emotions overtook me and I had a complete and total meltdown at 5:10. I went and sat under my desk and just cried for no reason. Nothing had happened to me… nothing was wrong but I was just crying. It took me about a week to realize why I might have been crying and this might sound absolutely ridiculous but I compare it to a mother having just given birth and crying because she did it and she’s just so happy, she cannot control it. So I think that the reason I began crying was because I had put so much into my project that once it was finally over and people were seeing it, I had given it life.


January 23, 2012 was the day that I gave my presentation. I presented 7th period to a full crowd and I was freaking out. I do not remember much from the entire experience besides slurring my first two sentences and thinking “oh boy this is going to be a long presentation”. Fortunately I gathered myself and I received a D! I feel like since I did so that and overcame my fear that I can do anything. It was such a great experience.

Bibliography or Works Consulted


I consulted with Carlton Schade,, Todd French, and Alexis Martino. The works that inspired me and that I tried to emulate were Tom Chambers and Steve McCury.