Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student: Samantha Busiello                   

Mentor: Jon Mulhurn

Domain(s): Art

Faculty Grader: Linda Hanrahan




Documentation of Product


Technology + Humans = Art

Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Linda Hanrahan

For my Senior Project I curated an art exhibition that featured works by six contemporary artists. The artwork I chose displayed how technology affects humans. The works involved many different types of mediums, including oil paint, watercolor and acrylic. All of the artists were from very different backgrounds— from Victoria de Lesseps who is 16 years old to Gustavo Bonevardi who is 51 years old. After the construction of Sam L. Sam art gallery, I took an additional step and created a catalog that documents the art exhibition. Other artists in the show included Darius Yektai, Mattisse Patterson and David Krase.



Exhibition & Presentation Summary



For my senior project I created a catalog in which I document an art exhibition that I curated over the summer. The exhibition’s theme was Technology’s Affect on Humans. This required an examination of my relationship with my own computer.  I asked myself many questions like; “Why am I always on my computer?”… “How do I feel when I am using my computer?”… “How am I using my body while I am on my computer?”  I realized that there is no distinct answer for these questions. Therefore, I chose over thirty different pieces from 5 different artists that portray visual understandings about how I believe technology affects me. For example, I chose to exhibit Darius Yektai's artwork because the sculpture; The Remains of the Day reminds me of these events. Darius uses empty oil paint tubes to construct a humanlike figure. This representation contains a make up of colors that I imagine as I sort through a history of web addresses that I once read through.


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