Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student:  Anika Canon

Mentor: Gerard Doyle

Domain(s): Performing Arts

Faculty Grader: Linda Hanrahan


Documentation of Product


Title: Ruptured Wings


I focused on theatre for my Senior Project because acting is a passion of mine. My ultimate goal was to create an intriguing monologue and perform it. I included the subjects of domestic violence and drug abuse and hope to raise awareness of these issues through the content that is included in my original monologue.


-Editing the monologue a lot

-Researching domestic violence and drug abuse

-Working with my mentor, Gerard Doyle, on the techniques of acting such as pacing, light/shade, connecting emotionally to the character and tones of voice.



Exhibition & Presentation Summary


My Senior Project’s ultimate outcome was a monologue that included the subjects of domestic violence and drug abuse that I performed and wrote. The monologue was about a young girl“Eva” who was in a turbulent relationship with her boyfriend and was a victim of domestic violence. To escape the pain she started abusing prescription pills and almost died. By the end

Eva got help and was putting her life back on track. The first thing to do for my Senior Project was to start writing and editing my monologue. This took a long time and I did not know that it would be that hard. Throughout editing it

I also expanded my research on domestic violence and drug abuse. The things I learned were mind blowing and extremely disturbing. Once I did that

Gerard and I started to rehearse my monologue. I never knew how hard it would be to emotionally connect to a character. After a lot of hard work and rehearsal time

Gerard and I’s work created a successful performance.



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