Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student: Suna Stephanie Garcia Guzman

Mentor: Carrie Clark

Domains: Cultural History and Media

Faculty Grader: Kenneth Sacks


Documentation of Product



I remember having a conversation with my mom when I was younger about how she had taught her own mother how to write her name. My grandmother didnÕt know how to read or write because the majority of girls werenÕt allowed to go to school. While my grandmother was growing up in the 1930s not receiving an education was acceptable because of the common belief that if a girl went to school sheÕd secretly fall in love and leave her family.

Last spring I read an article in the UN Wire about how a 12-year old Yemeni girl died from internal bleeding caused by sexual intercourse three days after being married to a man significantly older than her. From all of the stories that I have read or heard concerning women in oppressive and/or fatal situations these two have been the ones that have resonated with me.

Therefore for my Senior Project I decided to do something that would address issues regarding women in all sorts of situations particularly oppressive ones. After coming up with several ideas.

I decided to do a series of recorded monologues accompanied by original interpretive drawings based on my research of global womenÕs issues.



Exhibition & Presentation Summary


For my Senior Project I decided that I was going to research the effects of globalization on women. At first, I was not sure concerning what I wanted to do, but after several meetings with my mentor and other consultants, I decided that I was going to write and record monologues. The monologues that I wrote came from the research that I had done. The stories are fiction, but the information provided in them is completely true. While writing my monologues I began to feel that my project wasnÕt enough, so I decided to create a supplemental part to my project. This supplement was a catalog book that had the statistical data that I couldnÕt throw in to my monologues.

Writing my monologues took forever! My original plan was to write from about 6-10, but because of editing and a limited amount of time, I only ended up with 5. Creating my catalog was not as difficult because during the summer I had written all of my information on word documents. So when writing my catalog I looked over all of my notes and previous writings to create improved ones. One of my difficulties was when I created my images because I am not an artist, therefore drawing was slightly tedious, but overall I would have to say that I am content with my drawingsÉ

From the very beginning I knew that I wanted a space in the gallery and I also knew what I wanted my exhibition space to look like. I planned on drawing an outline of the world onto a wall and then attaching my portraits to each country that they belonged to. This process was extremely time consuming, especially the drawing part. In order to draw the world I had to first process the outline onto reflective paper, which Ms. Cross did for me; then I had to outline the map in pencil, then in marker, and then I had to shade the outline of the world in blue marker to give the effect of water. Once I was done, I posted the images I had drawn on the wall and connected a part of it to a piece of rope that led to a thumbtack at the country of the characterÕs origin. I also had a set up in the Senior Building Library that had paper copies of the two versions of my catalog and also a copy of my monologues.

Preparing for my presentation was not as difficult as I thought that it was going to be like. Because of my organizational skills I was able to create a script and a detailed PowerPoint. I was extremely nervous at first, but I feel that I was able to work through my nerves for the most part; except for the fact that I sometimes speak to quickly, but I will continue to work on that.


The following highlighted ÒphrasesÓ are hyperlinks to different parts of my project. Enjoy.



Brides for Sale

Forbidden Love

He CouldÕve Been Someone

Nanny Life

The Mother



MISFORTUNATE, the Monologues





Exhibition Images:

Faces on the Wall

Gallery Exhibition Space

Senior Building Library Exhibition Space




Video of Presentation

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