Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student: Ajiah Jones

Mentor: Ria Maxwell

Domain(s): Elka Rifkin

Faculty Grader: Christopher Engel


Documentation of Product


Title: Where Does Poetry Hide?


For my Senior Project, I combined my love of writing and working with children by creating a constructive writing workshop for third grade students. I was able to create an environment for students who wished to express themselves through different types of artistic techniques, such as writing and photography. Through teaching eight year olds different types of artistic and literary techniques, I was able to better understand my craft of writing and poetry. The poetry concentrated on using the five senses. Each session was built around a particular sense, and we were able to find many of the places where poetry hides.



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Exhibition & Presentation Summary


In order to have my classes I had to contact the local elementary school: John M. Marshall Elementary School and ask both the principal and vice principal for permission to send out information to their third grade students about my project. Once I received approval by the administration, I started working on my lesson plans and structuring my class. Each Saturday I had the kids come to Ross, and find all the places where poetry hides by using a different sense each class. After they had written their poems and illustrated their books, they preformed and read their poems in front of their friends and families.


After teaching the kids I would emulate the topics or literary devices in which I taught to them I would try to emulate and reproduce. In the end I ended up with a final product of a book including my poems and the kids poems.



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