Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student: Zebulon Thomas Jowers

Mentor: Kenneth Kilfara

Domain(s): Media (Film)

Faculty Grader: Karen Schroeder



Documentation of Product


Title: Zeb Eats R.O.S.S.



Attending the Ross School and living on the East End has enlightened and inspired me in the realm of Regional, Organic, Seasonal & Sustainable food. During this time, the local bounty has once again blossomed, with organic farm stands, local farms and farmers markets thriving and providing some of the most exquisite produce and seafood available. Popular cooking shows on TV, including some of my favorites such as Jamie Oliver, have inspired me and led me to decide on writing, editing, and producing my own cooking show, Zeb Eats R.O.S.S. The way I have experienced food at home and at school has inspired me to want to share the experience of taking advantage of the incredible resources at our doorstep.



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Exhibition & Presentation Summary


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I decided on creating something that would not only benefit my self and others, but something that would entertain and teach. I thought that creating a show would be a very good medium to work with because I love film and editing and television is one of the most used mediums today. My project is based around the idea of Regional, Organic, Seasonal, and sustainable cooking. This “mantra” conceived by Anne Cooper, the former executive chef of The Ross School, has resonated and stuck throughout the years at this institution. Having attended Ross School for eight years, this ‘mantra’ has influenced my view of food and cooking in many ways. The word “Organic” is a term that has echoed through my years at Ross, in my home and beyond. Having spent a portion of my youth in England where Indian food is a specialty, I delved into the world of food at a very young age. I believe that this experience of creating my own show will help me a lot in the future whether it be college or beyond.



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