Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student: Ji Eun Kim                       

Mentor: Jennifer Cross     

Domain(s): Visual Arts

Faculty Grader: Mami Takeda




Documentation of Product


Title: Palaces

Description:  Ancient Palaces and Textiles


For my senior project, I focused on creating textile designs, inspired by the ornamental paintings of traditional Korean buildings, especially palaces and temples. Using collage, monotype, silk-screening, dyeing techniques and sewn appliques, I developed a color palette based on traditional Korean color combination and created my own designs. I combined this traditional Korean aesthetic to a modern global sensibility to show my interpretation of ancient Korean cultures.





- Ji EunŐs Designs 

Description: MacintoshHD:Users:jkim12:Desktop:untitled folder:design_5.jpgDescription: MacintoshHD:Users:jkim12:Desktop:untitled folder:transparent design 2.psdDescription: MacintoshHD:Users:jkim12:Desktop:untitled folder:transparent design 1.psdDescription: MacintoshHD:Users:jkim12:Desktop:untitled folder:transparent design 6.psdDescription: MacintoshHD:Users:jkim12:Desktop:untitled folder:design_4.jpg


- Final Product


Description: MacintoshHD:Users:jkim12:Desktop:untitled folder:P1180023.jpg





Exhibition & Presentation Summary



For my senior project, I created series of textile designs inspired by traditional Korean palaces and temples. Through silk-screen printing, I printed my designs on fabrics. I displayed three of them on the wall and one on a body form at the exhibition.




Bibliography or Works Consulted


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