Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student: Sun Lin

Mentor: Alexis Martino

Domain(s):  Photography

Faculty Grader: Terry Lichtenstein




Documentation of Product


Title:  Landscapes: East End Long Island

Description:  Having studied at Ross School for one and a half years, I realized that the environment surrounding me is so beautiful that I wanted to create a series of photos in order to remember all those pretty natural scenes before I graduate. My photos are inspired by one of the most famous landscape painters, Joseph Mallord William Turner, an English romantic and impressionist painter. I have been inspired by Turner, and his works show how an artist created his work by connecting himself with nature. Due to the vagueness and blur in TurnerŐs paintings, I decide focus on a part of each photograph while leaving the rest blurry. I went into our local environment (woods, beaches, trails, and ponds) to seek the beauty of nature. I have been around Shelter Island, the place I have lived in for my senior year. My photos depict my spirit as my mind ties with the natural world.


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Exhibition & Presentation Summary

Hi, everyone. I'm so excited today because our Varsity basketball team defeated Pierson yesterday. Also, because I'm the one standing here and presenting today.


Because I didn't make first round, I didn't show my work in the exhibition. So, now, I'm going to play a piece of Montage to show my works.


What made me to do this project? It's a long story. Now, I will tell the long story to you briefly.


Last year, Since the first week I came to Ross, the big wooden plane had attracted me at the first point. I thought: " wow, it's awesome." As soon as I knew the plane was a Senior Project from former students, I admired SP so much.


Due to my level of ESL, I was isolated from my grade. I believe that most of you haven't seen me until the senior year. The first time I heard about Senior Project is when my best friend Daniel Shin did his senior project which was about South Korea's culture. Also, Charlie Leaver's work totally showed me how great and wonderful SP could be. Not only he but also everyone did a great job.


I still remember last year when we first had a meeting about SP in high library. I had no idea what my senior project would be. Several weeks later, school demanded us to hand in our SP plans. I had to hand in one idea, even though I was not ready yet. I chose Engineering because I love science and technology. I like to build things. The wooden plane also motivated me to do Engineering. I had an idea which is to build a bridge across the road between Middle school and Senior building. As a senior, we all want to spend less time to walk from a building to another building. Later on, I heard that Aki was doing a SP related to bridge. I would like to ask Aki to cooperate to benefit our seniors. But, an idea couldn't  be true if I didn't do it. I just stuck there and I couldn't move forward because of my heavy school works, college application, and, honestly, my laziness.


I guess God had known the difficulties and challenges I had, so he brought an angle for me. Alexis..! Here she is.

She wanted me to browse some photo websites and to get some ideas for my projects. I spent a bunch of time seeing some interesting photo essays. Three Women was the an incredible piece of work that inspired me.


Three Women


So, I decided to make a product like Three Women by using the similar strategy. I had to tell a story through my product. I did some researches. I found O'henry. He is one of the most famous American writer. His works always have ironic ending. His works always surprised readers. I also chose the most famous story from his works, the Gift of Magi. Briefly, this is a story about a couple who wanted to send each other a present. The girl Della had a beautiful long hair and the boy, Jim has a nice gold pocket watch which his father left for him. Because they didn't have enough money to buy each other gift. Della sold her long hair and bought a nice chain as the gift for Jim. When they met at home, Della found out that Jim sent her a expensive comb because he sold his watch...


It was after Thanksgiving break when I asked Eva and Michael to be my models. They are very nice. We had several shoots before Christmas.


After Christmas  winter break, senior projects were coming. Not only Models became busy, but also I disorganized everything that we could have time to meet and shoot, my projects was just started, I still had several scenes to shoot. I could't wait any more. I had to finish it. The week before senior project's presentation. I changed my mind again.


I remember that Alexis said why don't you do landscapes. I realized how convenient for me if I do landscape. I could go to take pictures whenever I want. I could remember all those beautiful scenes before I graduate. However, the problem was that I still needed a concept, art statement. Alexis suggested me to look over Turner's paintings. I said:" Ok, how could a painter help me." Alexis:" Go, Go ,just go." After I looked over Turner's work, I found out Turner was one of most famous English painter, He was famous from his watercolor landscape painting. Those painting were masterpieces in Landscapes. I was very inspired by those painting. Then, I wrote down my art statement. Briefly, I planed to pictures in Shelter Island and East Hampton, I went into our local environment, I went to woods, beaches, trails, and ponds. I called my pictures Turnerlistic. All my work were based on Turnerlistic.


What is Turnerlistic? Because most part of his landscape paintings were very vague and bluery. Just a little part kept details. So, How to create a picture Turnerlistic? There are two ways. One is Photoshop, the other is using special lens. I'm not a photoshop person. I like to keep pictures nature. So, I chose to use special lens, which is lensbabys!!!


I know my presentation is long. Sorry for making that noise to get your attention. Because this's the most important part I learned from SP.

1. Don't waste time. William Penn said:" Time is what we want most, but it is also what we use worst."

2. Cooperation. Like basketball, the core is teamwork. If you need helps, find someone who you can trust and ask for helps. It also saved a bunch of time.

3. Be confident. Don't afraid what you want to do, do not stay here and doing nothing. Come on, and start to do it, believe me, as soon as you start to do something, you will go through it.

4. Enjoy other people's works. For the people who did go to reading night, movie night, and Max Tabet's one man show, you had better go and enjoy other people's works. The best honor for artists is not showing their works, but is as many as people come to see their works.

5. Learn something. I remember clearly, Hayden's SP Application talked about how important what could learn from SP. Yes, I agree. Like Tina Bee, she must learn how to write a play, how to manage a play. Like Hayden, he must learn how to write a book. Like Zoe, she must learn how to make an animation. Therefore, not only SP, but also other class or activities you will attend in the future, think about what you want to learn from a simple experience.


1. Don't complain. The successful people never complain. If something goes wrong, or if you have any troubles, do not complain. Calm down. Find defects from yourself, what you did wro Then correct them. You will succeed.

2. Be positive. Life is beautiful. Why not be happy and give every your friends a nice sunny smile?

3. Stay foolish, stay hungry. Mr. Pickett sent us this video late last year. Steve Jobs' greatest speech at Stanford University.

4. Do something you like. We all have passion, we all feel happy to do what we like. So, do something you like.

5. Have gratitude. When someone helps you, say thank you. Appreciate everything you have got from your family, your friends.


Future Plan,

as I mentioned, I like engineering and I like technology. I will study engineering in College. I want to be a man like Steve Jobs.

also, I will keep photography as a hobby. 


Thanks to. Without any one of them, I would never finish my SP.


Special Thanks To

1. Without them, I would never come to Ross, I would never make friends like you guys, I would never know what SP is, they are not here today physically , but they are always here helping me mentally.

2. Alexis Martino. There is no word I can find to describe you, and how you helped me, educated me.

3. Jim Pickett. Before you found me and talked about my SP, I never knew that you are also a professional photographer.

4. Dale Scott. Thank you for all of the emails, you are nice to me, even though I was the slowest student.

5. Michael. Thank you for supporting me and lending me your equipment. Thank you, bro.

Eva Zhang. You are a very good model. I know you want to be actress or filmmaker in the future. Go for your dream. You will be famous.

6. Kenny and Mr. Schade and Dr. French, and Ms. Cromwell. Thank you for always giving me several periods to see other people's presentations and to prepare my own presentations

7. Kevin .. Supporting and Encourage me...

8. Ross School. Give me the opportunity...


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