Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student: Hao Mao  

Mentor: Alexis Martino       

Domain(s): Media

Faculty Grader: Todd French



Documentation of Product                                                     


Title: Permanent record of life

Description: For my project, I created a portfolio, including 15 images, which exemplify my artist statement. 


Details:   Power Point


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


As for my process, I began to go through many photos online before I had concrete theme. These are some of the photos I found useful to my projects. Then I wrote about why I like those photos in my process book and started to create my own art statement. I got my camera three years ago. So I am really familiar with my camera. Then I began to shoot. The photo shoot was done in January. After that, I started to select photos from all the imagines I took. Then, I worked on Adobe Bridge and Photoshop in order to make them look the best for printing. I needed to change hue, contrast, clarity, size and saturation. Each image takes about an hour. As I began to do test print, I realized that this project is not as easy as I thought to be and printing is going to be my greatest challenge. Although I had done some Photoshop, the imagines appeared much darker than they were supposed to be. I had to go back and started to do Photoshop again.


Printing is certainly a challenge for me. It is time consuming and tedious, especially printing on a piece of twenty-two by seventeen paper. Time management is another challenge for me. I did not start until the first trimester of my senior year, so I was on the verge of first round. However, I wanted to be more prepared, and I ended up with second round. I will definitely use time management skill in college.


I find the crack of a camera shutter gives me a permanent record of life. It enables me to perpetuate the moment that I find exhilarating. Meanwhile I think photographs should not be taken consciously. Although I have been a photographer for years, I never try to embed any particular idea in my photos. Photo, taken without intention, shows one's attitude towards life and oneีs reaction towards each photo also reflects his or her visceral thoughts.  My photos are not abstract or inscrutable. Most of them are taken from everyday life scene. However, some of them are idealized. This series of photos can be divided into two major parts—city and more rural landscape. I think both of them are the protagonists of our lives, and yet I cheer the differences between them. These photos represent both the differences and the connections between these visually different worlds.




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