Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student: Noah McAskill

Mentor: Patty Lein

Domain(s): Science

Faculty Grader: Ned Smyth




Documentation of Product


Title: Winter on the Marsh: Nature’s Preparations


The final product for my Senior project is a children’s book, which represents through images, text and illustrations the changes that occur from fall to winter within a salt marsh. Through field studies, observed and documented the seasonal changes of a local salt marsh.  As well, I consulted digital resource and reference books, such as Life and Death in a Salt Marsh that discuss the dynamics of salt marshes and the seasonal changes that they undergo. I then complied this data to construct the story line for my children’s book, which was aimed at helping young readers appreciate how magical this change process is.  For my illustrations, I drew 30 different organisms typically found in the salt marsh. I used 18 of these drawings in my book and added information about their role in the salt marsh and how they prepare for the onset of the winter season.





Noah’s Powerpoint

Online Book


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


Exhibition: My exhibition of my senior project included, a copy of my book Winter on the Marsh: Nature’s Preparations, six photographs I took while out studying and observing the marsh, the three stages of the blue crab I drew, and a copy of Life and Death of the Salt Marsh, a book that inspired me to create this children’s book.


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Senior Project Presentation: My senior project presentation took place on January 19th, 2012 during 7th period. My presentation involved talking about the struggles I faced while doing my project in both photography and drawing. It also showed a myriad of the photos and drawings I did throughout the process. I talked about the obstacles I eventually overcame and the processes I learned in the end.


Senior Project Presentation




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