Ross School - Senior Project 2012

Student: Felipe Reis

Mentor: Carleton Schade

Domain(s): Wellness

Faculty Grader: James Earle

Documentation of Product

Title: Quickstart Sports


For my Senior Project I worked with children at the Ross School Tennis Center and the Day Care Center in East Hampton. Through this work, I wanted to give children an opportunity to play games, exercise, have fun and improve their motor skills in different sports. I also organized a fundraiser for Wings Over Haiti and the Day Care Center. Finally, I built a website where viewers could learn about athletic drills for children and be informed about upcoming charity events.

Quickstartsports website

Powerpoint Presentation

Exhibition & Presentation Summary

My first idea when I heard about the senior project was to build two solar panels one that would produce energy and another one that would be used to heat water, it was a very interesting idea and after I finished building it I was going to donate it to a school down in Haiti, so they would have energy and hot water for the use of their children.

However after doing some research on the solar panels I realized that it would take a lot more time to build it than I expected, and I wouldnÕt have enough time to finish it, I would also have to go down to Haiti to install the panels and make sure everything was going to work well and I wouldnÕt be able to afford doing that. So I decided to do something else and the first challenge I had was to figure out a new project that I would enjoy working on, so I started thinking about things I enjoy doing.

Therefore I decided to do something related to sports, however I still wanted to do something to help the children in Haiti, I didnÕt know what but I was working on it.

After thinking a lot and going through what I had learned about sports in the past, I decided to create a program that would help coaches teach children how to play soccer, tennis and others sports. So using the things I had learned during summer in my years here and what I already knew from my experiences in Brazil. I decided to create a book that would have soccer and tennis drills plus fun games and it would also have drawings explaining how the drills and games worked with written explanation. I also wanted these drills not to just help their soccer and tennis learning but dills that would help their improvement in sports other than tennis and soccer. Another challenge I found, I had to create drills, for soccer and tennis that would also be good for other sports.

Also with the tennis program I had the idea of having information about nutrition for children.

But then since I wanted to do something to help the children and after looking in the senior projects last year I decided to do a fundraiser like Brandon Pettaway – a senior of 2011 – did last year. So instead of having nutritional information I wanted to have information about the charities I was going to help. After having the fundraiser idea I gave up the book idea because I wanted to be able to update my new ideas every time I had one, and that wouldnÕt be possible if I had a book so I decided that it would be better if I had a website, where I would be able to update new drills and games with videos, and always post new information about fundraisers and charities.

So at this point I knew what I wanted for my project. I wanted to do a fundraiser and then create a website where I would have information about everything I had done.

Tennis Clinic

In order to create the drills that I would use on the website and fundraiser and to see how it worked. I went to the tennis center and talked to John Graham, one of the coaches and he said he would help me with my project. He already had a tennis program every Saturday here at Ross and I knew about it because I have helped him a couple times before with that program. So I asked him if I could take over his program and run it on my own -- and he said it was fine, that I could use the program as a lab, to try the new drills and improve my teaching skills so I would be ready to do a good job on the fundraiser. He was always around so he would come sometimes to check on me, and to talk to the kids before or after the clinic. Another challenge I faced was that sometimes I had to teach 8 to10 children, entertain them and make sure they had fun for 1 hour in a tennis court. It was very difficult because they lose their focus very easily.

I ended up finding out that I should always come ready with at least 8 different drills everyday and set everything up before the kids came instead of improvising. That way I would be prepared and able to make sure they were focused, paying attention and not out of control) I also figured that each drill should take from 5 to 7 minutes otherwise the kids would get bored and stop listening to me, so I always tried to do everything quickly and I tried to talk a lot so they would listen to me.

I ended up taking over the clinic for about 10 weeks (2months and a half).

John also invited me to come with him to the daycare center in East Hampton and run a clinic there with him and I liked the idea so I went there a couple times with him, so I could learn more about teaching. There were about 70 - 80 kids there, and they were divided in classes of 12 -15 kids in each, from different ages. We played with each group for about 30 – 45 minutes each. I was really impressed in how the kids were respectful and how they appreciated us to come and play with them, they had fun every single second we were there, they listened to everything we said, they really wanted to learn and I thought it was a great experience, there is nothing better than watching the kids learn, and have fun.

In only 2:30 hours being there I found out that I like teaching.

I mean I like teaching kids, but this was different, like I felt like I was welcome there and it was a good feeling, because I wanted to be there to play with them, teach them new things and give them a chance to have fun

In order to run the clinic at the daycare we only brought about 7 soccer balls so we could partner them up and teach them how to pass the ball to each other. We also brought two dices one of them each side was a different exercise and the other one was just numbers so we picked one exercise and how many times we would do it.

We also had balloons, so they could throw it and catch, bounce it of their head, the knee and kick it.

After we finished we left everything there, so they could use during their free periods.

The whole idea of being there was to make it entertaining and let the kids have fun.

Also after going there I decided that half of the money I raised in the fundraiser would be donated to the daycare center in East Hampton.

Fundraiser Planning

Planning the fundraiser was another challenge because I had never done anything like a fundraiser before. I had done small soccer tournaments with my friends back in Brazil, but it there everyone already knew about it and they all would come to play and the only thing we needed was a soccer ball, so I didnÕt really have to organize anything we only had to set up a date and it would happen. But now it was different I didnÕt know most of o the people who were going to come and I didnÕt know how many people were coming and I didnÕt like that, because I didnÕt know what to expect so I decided I should plan in having a lot of people and be ready for that

In order to publish the fundraiser I had to create flyers, ask for permission to use the great hall for the fundraiser and ask my friends for help.


I created the Flyers, in the week before thanksgiving break and Alfred Tuff my house parent and John Graham, helped me edit the information and correct the mistakes so I would have a flyer that I could distribute.

During the thanksgiving week I did researches on drills and games to play with the kids in the soccer clinic, and planned everything I was going to do in the fundraiser day.

With Alfred Tuff, Jonathan Nash Glynn (the founder of wings over Haiti) and John Graham, we got the fundraiser on the radio, Jonathan Nash Glynn talked about the fundraiser, and invited people to come over to play and have fun. I also tried to invite, as many people as I could so they could come play tennis or soccer and bring their children for the soccer clinic.

Since I also wanted to do a tennis fundraiser, I went and talked to my coaches and I asked them to run a tennis clinic and organize a round robin match playing for the adults that were going to come, that way we would have one more way to raise money for the children. They said that they would help, so while I had the soccer clinic they ran a tennis clinic.

The week after thanksgiving I brought flyers to the lower campus, and I started getting the things I needed for the fundraiser, things as goals, cones, balls, and spots.

The week before the Fundraiser day, I also was trying to get more people to play soccer, but I couldnÕt find anyone and I was worried about it, but on Friday night the day before the fundraiser I talked to the guys that were already coming and I told them to bring their friends and they got two more teams to play.

Fundraiser day

The fundraiser took place here in the Great Hall and Tennis Center. In the Great Hall I did a soccer clinic for children for about 1 hour and then I had an indoor soccer tournament for adults, and at the same time in the tennis center we had a tennis clinic with some doubles match playing.

I was very nervous before everything started because I didnÕt know if I was going to have enough people there and enough children for the clinic, or end up having more people than I expected. So I decided to get as many help as I could, from friends, teachers and coaches. I prepared a whole program with games and drills that would be able to take 40 children and make it fun and entertaining. 


Creating the website was very difficult. I knew nothing about websites when I started it. Luckily Bill, helped me start and he helped every time I had questions about editing the website and using Photoshop, helped me with everything in the website. However I also figure out many things on word press by my self and I am proud of that.

Lessons Learned

I learned a lot with my project, I did my own fundraiser, I created my own website, I learned a little about Photoshop. But the most important thing is that I really enjoyed doing my senior project, it was fun creating the website, I thought the fundraiser went well. And I really had fun teaching and playing with the kids and trying to help the kids in my own way, doing what I like to do (which is playing sports) and giving them a chance to have fun and learn.


I will probably be teaching tennis and soccer until I graduate from college. I might also plan more fundraiser in the future because I really enjoyed doing that and I had lots of fun.

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