Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student: Emily Rhodes

Mentor: Kerry Sharkey-Miller

Domain(s): Media

Faculty Grader: Kenneth Sachs




Documentation of Product


Title: Sisceal


For my Senior Project I depicted Fairytales with a focus on Gaelic stories told for centuries. I first did research on various tales and then recorded those I found before creating a visual representation of them through photography. I depicted five stories using a special lens called the “Dreamy Diana” and then using Photoshop, I edited each one of my photos in order to enhance this dreamy effect before printing on various sized paper. I also created written representations of the stories to accompany the images displayed.






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Exhibition & Presentation Summary


In order to create my final body of work I had to go through a series of steps to get to the final outcome, the exhibition. First, I had to make sure that every single one of my shoots was shot in camera raw. I then uploaded my images to Adobe Bridge to a computer in the photo lab and began to pick and choose which photos I wanted to edit. I had to narrow down my 5000 pictures to 20 before processing them for editing. I then had to edit each and every image individually in Photoshop to my liking before printing. I printed on 8 ½ by 11 paper and 17 by 22 Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper and mounted each of my images in frames. My final product included five different stories derived from Gaelic fairytales and adapted by me to fit my project, with four images to each individual tale.







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