Ross School - Senior Projects 2012


Student: Antony Benjamin Straus

Mentor: Todd French


Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein




Documentation of Product


Title: Graffiti As Arts


My original project was to create a website that would show how graffiti went from an illegal form of art to an accepted form of art that would be seen in art museums and collections. In order to do this I needed to gather a lot of information so that I could backup my claims

            I planned to tell the story of the history of graffiti from BanksyÕs point of view as well as other artistÕs point of views. I have documented BanksyÕs graffiti from its inception until present time. My hope is that the viewers come away with a new insight into the life or artistic element of graffiti.

Final conclusion about graffiti is that it is art (due to the fact that you can see it in museums and galleries around the world means that it meets the criteria of being art, such as Graffiti expresses an underlying social and political message and genre of artistic expression.
















(Power point)


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


Coming up with an idea to start working on

Talking to people about my subject and getting ideas

Following my interest in art


Second round of research

Putting together my research

Making an outline for my paper

Going through my paper and editing it (over 5 times)

My final conclusion was that Graffiti is Art



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