Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Annalee Rubin

Mentor: Marty Cooper

Domains: Sociology/Psychology and Media

Faculty Grader: Kenneth Sacks


Documentation of Product


Title: Adoption: Research, Personal Story, and Personal Interviews


For my senior project I decided to create a book that is part research, part personal story, and part personal interviews. I was interested in finding out more about adoption because my brothers and I were adopted. I researched open, closed, semi-open, interracial and international adoptions. In my personal story I get to share the story of how I got to meet members of my birth family. In my interviews I have interviewed members of my birth family, my adoptive family and a family friend who had the experience of going through an open adoption. The process of creating this book was an incredible learning experience for me.


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


Exhibition night was good. There were a lot of people that asked me about my book and who told me that they were surprised that I was willing to share information that was so personal. I read at reading night, which went well. I was nervous at first to read at reading night but once I heard everyone in front of me go and I started reading, it was fine.


Presentation: I thought my presentation went well. I made sure to include everything in the rubric. I tried as much as possible not to look at what I wrote on the slides and to look at the audience. I did get a little nervous at some points and I started to read directly off the slides.



Works Consulted


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