Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Benjamin Stein

Mentor: Gary Skellington

Domains: Technology, Visual Arts, and Media

Faculty Grader: Kenneth Kilfara


Documentation of Product


Title: Learning the 3D Design Trade


My Senior Project is based around my learning of 3D design, art, and animation for video games and animated movies, as well as for standalone art. Starting with close to zero experience in 3D generation, I entered into a six-week intensive program at Carnegie Mellon University on the subject to jumpstart my learning of it. I continued practicing upon return home and for my product I created demo reel (a video showcasing some of an artistŐs works) with my own creations that contained at least one example of all the different techniques I learned.


Product: Product Video


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


Presentation: Powerpoint Presentation (with script notes)

Works Consulted