Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Caroline Lasersohn

Mentor: Patricia Lein

Domains: Media, Science

Faculty Grader: Carelton Schade


Documentation of Product


Title: Learning to Fly


I made a series of informational videos about how to fly a single engine propeller plane and the process for receiving a pilotŐs license. I created four educational videos ranging from 3-10 minutes and uploaded them to YouTube on my own channel LearningToFLyCPL. The videos discuss the following concepts: controlling the aircraft, straight-and-level flight, landing and takeoff. The information used in the creation of these videos was based on my personal experience of obtaining my pilotŐs license and reference research through books and videos on the subject.


á      Controlling the Aircraft

á      Straight and Level flight

á      Takeoff

á      Landing

á      Blooper



Exhibition & Presentation Summary



Works Consulted


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