Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Phil Liu (Liu, Chang)

Mentor: Christine Perigen

Domains: Photography and Calligraphy

Faculty Grader: Mami Takeda


Documentation of Product


Title: One Taste of Beijing



Exhibition & Presentation Summary


This senior project is a photography series depicting the Forbidden City, the famous historical site that served as the Imperial Palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty. I have also incorporated into my photographs a series of calligraphy that I created. The calligraphy describes different aspects of the Forbidden City; it was scanned and overlaid into the photographs using Photoshop. For the calligraphy, I used the Zhuan form (also known as seal script). This form originated in ancient China (Zhou dynasty). The calligraphy was then inscribed with the form of Xing (also known as semi-cursive script).


Both Photography and Calligraphy have been used to document human history and both then developed into high forms of art. My goal for this project was to combine a type of modern art with an ancient form of art. I also deliberately chose to shoot my photographs on a foggy day to evoke the quality of Xuan paper (a type of paper originated in ancient China used for writing and painting). A challenge was placing the calligraphy in such a way that it enhanced the composition of the overall image, and photograph matching the context of the calligraphy.  


Presentation: Process   PowerPoint

Works Consulted