Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Denise Mulenga

Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein

Domains: Art and History

Faculty Grader: Debra McCall


Documentation of Product


Title: The Evolution of Fashion as a result of European Colonization

Details: For my product, I designed and tailored for different garments and each of them represented one of the four different African regions. These regions include; Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


For my senior project I decided to focus on the impact of colonization on African fashion. I focused on the four main regions of Africa, which are Northern Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern Africa and Western Africa. For my final product I designed four garments, each representing a different region of Africa. For each garment I designed, I drew inspiration from the indigenous people and its colonial history of the garmentŐs respective region. In order to understand the colonial history of each of the regions, I had to undergo some research about each individual region. This research helped me understand the concepts used in the traditional attires and the factors that have contributed to their evolution over the years due to colonialism.


Presentation: PowerPoint


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Learning how to create patterns                                       Shopping for the fabric 

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Straightening up

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Pattern Making

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