Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Ella Ray Stoloff

Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein

Domains: Cultural History

Faculty Grader: Matthew Aldredge


Documentation of Product


Title: School of Thought







Senior Project Powerpoint


Senior Project PDF


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


Presentation: TodayÕs political climate is inundated with calls for reform. Between economical difficulties, international affairs, and climate change, Americans have before them a veritable cornucopia of social issues to confront. In the din of causes calling out for attention, the topic of education is often trivialized. However, our education system has declined to such a state of ineptness, that to ignore it any longer could have lasting consequences for this country. Within the dialogue concerning educational reform, the major contenders are the pubic education system and the charter school movement. The imperfections of both public education and the charter schools have been the topic of much controversy; but the reality is that while politicians, educators, and organizations debate over which one has failed American children more, American children continue to fail. Everyday millions of children are going to school, whether public or charter, and receiving a substandard education that does not prepare them for collage and does not prepare them for a career. For my project I am examining the philosophy, history, and culture of education in a search of a solution to the question, if neither public nor charter, then what? In a research paper impassioned by the undeniable inefficiency of education today, and inspired by my own unique educational experience, IÕm investigating the American education system and the nature of effective schooling.

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