Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Fara Kaner

Mentor: Margaret Downs-Gamble and Heinrich (Heinzel) Kunsmann

Domains: Foreign Language

Faculty Grader: Anna Zhao


Documentation of Product


Title: 好好学天天向上


Description: escription: Senior Project (Final) (dragged).pdf Description: escription: Senior Project (Final) (dragged) 1.pdf


Senior Project Product


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


The title of this guide is 好好学天天向上which literally translates to Ōgood good study day day up,Ķ but students across China know the saying as words of inspiration for studying diligently, improving their skills, and striving to create bright futures for themselves. I chose this title because I thought it was appropriate given the content of this project. The purpose of this guide is to present a unique curriculum for teaching Mandarin Chinese to high school students. My Senior ProjectÕs mission is to demonstrate the best methods and materials to use for becoming highly proficient in this language over the course of a high school career. A studentÕs encouragement to study the language stems from a structured and nurturing classroom environment, and therefore schoolÕs must be informed how that type of setting is obtained.




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Works Consulted