Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Gavin Nelson

Mentor: James Earle

Domains: Visual Arts

Faculty Grader: Matthew Aldredge


Documentation of Product


Title: The Corridor Conspiracy


The Corridor Conspiracy is a single-issue comic book that tells a mystery surrounding 16th century Florence being explored in the present day. It focuses on the relationship between Cosimo de Medici and Michelangelo in Florence and two Italian carabinieris in present time who stumble upon clues to a conspiracy left behind in the Uffizi Gallery. Creating a comic book is not solely about writing a compelling story or creating interesting illustrations, it is about combining the two, which I have done through my love of illustration and writing.


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


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Corridor Conspiracy PDF


In my presentation, I discussed my interest in graphic design and how I felt I could further explore that in the form of a comic book. I covered the inspiration for my story and artwork and then further explained my artistic process working in Adobe Illustrator. At the end of the presentation I went over the various challenges I faced during my project, the goals I set for myself, and the skills and knowledge I gained from completing this process.



Presentation: PowerPoint

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