Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Claire, Chan Hoi Kei     

Mentor: Kenneth Kilfara


Faculty Grader: Jennifer Lloyd


Documentation of Product


Title: A Different Place- Macau



Exhibition & Presentation Summary


Presentation: Macau Documentary- Over the summer, I took footage in Macau and made a documentary. The documentary covers up most of the landmarks and history of Macau. I hope people can know more about me through this documentary. Macau demonstrates multi-racial harmony. You can see the marriage of Western and Chinese cultural in every corner of the city. I hope I can share this part of the world to the other parts of the world and may everyone live in harmony with different cultures. The following link is my documentary.

A Different Place- Macau from Claire Chan on Vimeo.

Works Consulted


Chinese Classical Music-guzhen-Temple bell


Sam Hui – The Private Eyes Theme


Jesus Bateu A Porta, Traditional Portuguese Music


Montalegre- Traditional Portuguese music


Yu Hong Mei – Erhu Chant



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