Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: James Turits

Mentor: Fred Pratt

Domains: History/Media

Faculty Grader: Carrie Clark


Documentation of Product


Title: A World Without Roosevelt



Exhibition & Presentation Summary


Presentation: For my senior project, I literally changed history (on the theoretical level). I researched the influence President Franklyn Delano Roosevelt had on history and composed a series of events that would have followed if the attempt on his life were successful in 1939.  It is a video essay that explains the events that would have occurred or changed in a world where FDR had been assassinated. This includes who would have replaced him, United States social policies, the outcome of World War II, which country developed the first atomic bomb and other major historical events. Each change in history can be backtracked to the death of President Frankly Delano Roosevelt. It is all just a theory, Im simply the one who explains it.

Movie Product


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