Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Kathleen FitzSimons

Mentor: Kenneth Sacks

Domains: Cultural History, Performing Arts

Faculty Grader: Carrie Clark


Documentation of Product


Title: Music Without Prejudice



Exhibition & Presentation Summary



For my senior project, I wrote a curriculum and lesson plans on teaching music theory through the perspective of ethnomusicology. I chose this project because music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember and has manifested into my current passion of ethnomusicology. I wrote this curriculum because I feel that the approach towards teaching music theory is biased towards Western music and by teaching in this manner it gives many the false impression that there is Western music and “everything else.” By teaching basic music theory through a variety of cultures, it allows students to not only become more musically literate on a widespread scale, but also helps break down ethnocentric opinions in the world of music.


Senior Project Presentation


Senior Project PDF

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