Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Dana Kyu won Kang

Mentor: Maureen Isbister

Domains: Performance art

Faculty Grader: Tiffany Best


Documentation of Product


Title: What is your life’s BGM


Description: MacintoshHD:Users:kkang13:Desktop:Wisconsin Madison Portfolio pic.jpeg


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


Spectacular movies are more impressive with remarkable soundtracks.  I imagine our life is like a movie, and each of us has our own soundtrack, also known as background music (BGM).  For my senior project, I am performing some of the BGM of my own life story.  I will play three pieces I composed and two arrangements of works by other composers.  Three other Ross school students will join me in the performance on violin, cello, and bass.  The main focus will be how my three composed songs match with the video.


Presentation: Performance and Presentation




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