Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Chloe Wan

Mentor: Jon Mulhern

Domains: Science, Architecture, and Visual Art

Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein


Documentation of Product


Title: Underneath



Pyramid Power Research Paper


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


My final product will be an architectural model. The design of the model will be based on the pyramid and it will be constructed in plexi glass. I will design the detail of the model to reflect aspects of the geometry of the pyramid, functional considerations and material properties such as transparency and reflectivity. I believe that all the admirable things in this 'best of possible worlds' are connected, and they all began with some ordinary little elements. In this way I appreciate all beautiful things in this world. Personally, IÕm really obsessed with glass architecture. At some points, I think things are attached to each other. The reason I chose the pyramid as a formal language is because of a theory called "Pyramid Power": This hypothesizes that under specific conditions of constructions and at a specific height a pyramid can store energy. One demonstrated effect shows that pyramid power can decrease the amount of water molecules within a water cluster. The special power of pyramids also can apparently help people become healthier.



Presentation: Senior Project Presentation and PowerPoint


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