Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Nantaporn (Bank) Yuennan

Mentor: Mami Takeda

Domains: Art and History

Faculty Grader: Jennifer Cross



Documentation of Product


Title: Model of Thai Junk


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Additional Information (Research)


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


As the first and only Thai student, I want to do something, which can represent

my country, culture and life-style. Thus, I chose to design my own Thai junk model,

constructed using teak (wood); the entire hull and masts are made solely from teak

and glued together; the sail is made from calico weaved in a unique Thai style to make

it look classic and authentic. In order to delineate and educate Ross community about

how Thai junk developed over several centuries along with Thai trading history, I

researched the historical background about trades and the origin of the Junk. A panel

explaining the history and procedure of designing, building and finishing the ship

model is also created, serving as a guideline and clarifying questions. I hope that my

project will help Ross Community to know more about Thailand.


Presentation: Video and PowerPoint

Works Consulted


Expert: Nittaya Jaitha


Works Consulted