Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Paola Chery

Mentor: Karen Schroeder

Domains: Community Service & Fundraisers

Faculty Grader: Ria Maxwell


Documentation of Product


Title: “More Hope For The People”


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


My senior project is entitled “More Hope for the People.” The project’s focus is reaching out to those in need, either locally or in Haiti. I have worked with Ross Middle School students to organize activities, as well as with a non-profit youth organization in Haiti. I organized a dress down day and bake sale where I raised $1,500 in total. The money raised was used to buy useful items for Hurricane Sandy victims on Long Island. I will continue to work on this project throughout the year, as I am now in the processes of helping an organization in Haiti, BonDemen Haiti.  I have introduced the organization to the Ross School and sponsored an event on Decouverte D’Haiti Day, where I sold Haitian-made crafts. 


Presentation: PowerPoint

"More Hope for the People" by Paola from Ross School on Vimeo.

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Works Consulted




BonDemen Haiti- A non-profit organization located in Haiti. It was founded in September 2004 and legalized three years later. B.D.H. aims to mobilize Haiti’s youth into performing and partaking in civic actions. B.D.H. strives to analyze the problems, defend the interests and aspirations of Haiti’s younger generation and to positively influence the lives of all classes, but most importantly, the youth.


Occupy Sandy- An organized relief effort created to assist the victims of Hurricane Sandy Northeastern United States.