Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Roosevelt Odidi

Mentor: Andrew Kirk

Domains: Science

Faculty Grader: Carleton Schade


Documentation of Product


Title: What I KneeĠd to Know


I created a model of the knee to demonstrate the anatomy and physiology of the knee joint. I also wrote a research paper that contained the anatomy of the knee, knee injuries and statistics, prevention of knee injuries, and knee injury treatment. I chose this topic primarily because I have sustained numerous knee injuries in the past. I thought it would be insightful and helpful to share my experience and knowledge to help others who have struggled with knee injuries. I also chose this topic because of my interest in this field as it pertains to athletics. My research paper includes historical information pertaining to the evolution of orthopedics and how engineering has vastly improved orthopedics.



            What I KneeĠd to Know

            Knee Model Photo A

            Knee Model Photo B

            Knee Model Photo C



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