Ross School - Senior Project 2013


Student: Rachel Santee

Mentor: Mark Foard

Domains: English

Faculty Grader: Matthew Aldredge


Documentation of Product


Title: Castor: A Town Built on Stories, History, and the Undeniable, Elusive Truth


Summary: This senior project deals with the trials and tribulations of a small Mississippi

town over the course of the past century. It is a series of 75 short stories that each gives

a glimpse into this small town named Castor. Each story is based off and accompanied

by a vintage photograph (between the years 1870 and 1970) that were all found in

Monroe, Louisiana. The stories deal with everything from war to religion to pie cook-offs

to dog houses made out of brand new cars. The entirety of Castor is told in the the

first-person plural perspective (the collective “We”) to give the sense that Castor is

telling its own stories. After reading, one should get the sense that the South is an

extremely unique place and that there’s no way one could ever hope to understand

every aspect.


Exhibition & Presentation Summary


Presentation: Castor Presentation


Product: Castor e-book

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